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The Midwestern Brotherhood advanced power armor, called simply advanced power armor in the game, is a Fallout Tactics armor, used by the Brotherhood of Steel, a more advanced version of the Midwestern Brotherhood power armor.


Unlike leather and metal armor, which cannot be used by ghouls, both modifications of power armor are suitable for ghouls as well.



  • Newton - 1 found in a hidden room at Reaver base. More specifically, the reaver barracks in a fridge.
  • Bunkers - 1 for sale after Canyon City. 2 more after completing Scott City

Behind the scenes

"I would redo the sprite of the power armor to make it more retro. Not that there is anything technically wrong with the sprite, it's a great piece of art. It's just that it is a bit out of place in the Fallout Universe. But bear in mind that we had to design it over a year ago and Interplay approved everything we did." – Tony Oakden, producer of FOT (Freelancer interview)