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Adhesive is a crafting component in Fallout 4.


A sticky substance used for binding objects together. Adhesive is an uncommon but valuable component, and is required for nearly every modification for weapons, armor and robots.


Miscellaneous object (see below)
Adhesive (varies)
Item Yield Weight Yield/Weight
Adhesive 1 0.1 10
Shipment of 25 units 25 0
Shipment of 50 units 50 0
Duct tape 1 0.1 10
Pack of duct tape 4 0.1 40
Military grade duct tape 4 0.1 40
Wonderglue 2 0.1 20
Economy wonderglue 5 0.7 7.14
Sealed wonderglue 4 0.1 40
Vegetable starch 5 0.5 10



  • Adhesive is almost never found in its pure form in the world. As such, when one is attempting to search for adhesive, it is advised to search for the items which break down to adhesive such as duct tape and glue instead of the raw material.
  • The base price for a shipment (25) is 1,000 caps, equating to 40 caps per adhesive. For comparison, duct tape (1 adhesive) is 12 caps, and wonderglue (2) is 20 caps, making it four times as expensive simply for convenience. One such way (see below) is to craft vegetable starch within the settlements by farming all of its requirements and crafting it personally at a cooking station.
  • Adhesives are efficient in terms of yield per weight, with even the least efficient adhesives providing upwards of seven adhesive per pound of weight.
  • While not strictly a rare item, adhesive tends to be one of the most sought after and short supplied resources in the game, due to being used for almost all weapon and armor modifications.
  • Vegetable starch is a source of adhesive and can be created at any cooking station using three corn (6 caps each), three mutfruit (8 caps each), three tato (7 caps each) and one bottle of purified water (20 caps each). Scrapping the starch yields 5 adhesive at a cost of 83 caps, 16.6 caps per adhesive. Creating vegetable starch also provides a large amount of experience, making leveling very possible with only creating the substance. All of these ingredients can be readily available at settlements, with farming and a water purifier.