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Addictol is a chem in Fallout 76.


Addictol has the appearance of a small inhaler and cures all addictions upon use. It has the negative effects of -2% food and -5% water. Addictol cannot be crafted.


Event Events and quests

Fixed spawn locations

Fixed aid spawn locations that have addictol in their loot pool

  • Camp McClintock: One may spawn at the top of the stairs, in the main building, on the shelf.
  • Middle Mountain Cabins: Two can be found in open fridges in the cabins. One is on the top shelf, and another is on the bottom shelf of a different fridge.
  • Harpers Ferry: One may spawn in the upstairs doctor's office, to the left of the computer terminal in front of the toilet.
  • Landview Lighthouse: One can be found inside the house on the second floor, inside a shelf, on the lowest row.
  • Mama Dolce's Food Processing: One can be found on the bathroom ground floor.
  • Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06: One can be found outside, in the same shack as a hazmat suit, within an open filing cabinet drawer on the ground.
  • The Whitespring Resort: One can possibly spawn in the back seat of the shuttle bus right outside the main entrance next to the red cherry bomb (garden area).