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Add-ons or expansions (also called expansion packs) are content created for games that are released separately from the main game release. Downloadable content (DLC) is a specific form of add-on distributed through the internet.

Fallout 3[]

The first game in the Fallout series to feature downloadable content was Fallout 3, with a total of five add-on packs released.

Fallout: New Vegas[]

Fallout: New Vegas has a total of four pre-order bonuses and six add-on packs. The pre-order bonuses were later condensed into the Courier's Stash add-on.

Fallout 4[]

Fallout 4 also features add-ons, with a total of seven add-on packs, of which two only include new settlement objects, and one is a graphical upgrade.

Fallout 76[]

Fallout 76 does not use add-ons and instead all updates are included with the game.