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The Adapted biogel is a consumable added to Fallout 3 in the Mothership Zeta add-on.


The adapted biogel is an improved version of the Alien biogel. It restores a minimum of 50 Hit Points and is affected by the Fast Metabolism perk.

Medicine skill effect

10+60 Hit Points 
20+70 Hit Points 
30+80 Hit Points 
40+90 Hit Points 
50+100 Hit Points 
60+110 Hit Points 
70+120 Hit Points 
80+130 Hit Points 
90+140 Hit Points 
100+150 Hit Points 

Biochemical Anomaly

Both the alien biogel and adapted biogel have a 50% chance to randomly apply 1 of the following 10 effects for 30 seconds. Multiple effects can be applied at once through repeated consumption, however the same effect cannot be applied twice at once.



Adapted biogel can only be obtained from Elliott, by asking him to convert any alien biogel currently in inventory. This option is available from the first encounter with him onward, including after completing This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough... Because of this, and because one of the random items Sally can provide (when asked if she's found anything on the ship) is alien biogel, the potential supply of adapted biogel is effectively unlimited.


  • This item can heal 1.667 times more hit points than a Stimpak, but has a 25% chance of applying a negative effect to the user.