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Ack-Ack is a raider boss whose gang regularly extorts vulnerable settlements in the Commonwealth in 2287. She can be found inside USAF Satellite Station Olivia.


Ack-Ack is a large, pigtailed raider boss who developed a reputation for her violent raids on farms and settlements in the northwestern region of the Commonwealth, always punctuated by the rapid fire of her signature minigun.[Non-game 1] She and her gang are holed up inside the satellite station east of Sanctuary Hills, which they are in the process of looting.[Non-game 2]

Abernathy farm was one of several settlements that Ack-Ack and her gang frequently extorted. On one such occasion, the family's eldest daughter, Mary Abernathy, attempted to stand up to her, only to be mercilessly gunned down.[1] Before leaving the family to grieve, the raiders added insult to injury by stealing Mary's locket, an heirloom that had been in Connie's family for generations.

The Sole Survivor reaches Abernathy farm to find Mary's father, Blake Abernathy, still on edge after Ack-Ack's last arrival. When the Sole Survivor expresses sympathy after hearing Blake's account of his daughter's death, Blake desperately urges them to go after Ack-Ack and retrieve Mary's locket. Having overheard Mary's killers mention "Olivia" before they left, Blake surmises the location of Ack-Ack's hideout, saying he would not mind if she and her gang were to share Mary's fate.[2]

When the Sole Survivor follows up on Blake's tip and reaches the station, they find that Ack-Ack's thugs are as trigger-happy as any other raider group, meaning that negotiating for the locket or the farm's safety is impossible. In the depths of the concrete bunker Ack-Ack can be found standing guard over the toolbox containing Mary's locket, ready to tear through any unwanted guests with her minigun.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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  • Returning the Favor: The Sole Survivor will encounter Ack-Ack when they arrive to retrieve Mary's locket.
  • Raider Troubles: If Ack-Ack was not killed during Returning the Favor, the Sole Survivor may get word from Preston Garvey that she and whatever is left of her gang are once again harassing nearby settlements, usually Tenpines Bluff. To ensure the settlement's safety, the Sole Survivor will be tasked with her assassination.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Random raider clothing and armor
Cage armor
Minigun 5mm round x165


  • Ack-Ack is one of the few raider leaders whose level never scales higher than the player character, making her vulnerable to the Intimidation perk.
  • Blake never refers to Ack-Ack by name, but his account of Mary's murder combined with her description in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare strongly suggests that she committed the act herself.
    • Blake notes how "well-armed" Mary's killers were, with Ack-Ack being the only member of the group guaranteed to spawn with a particularly deadly weapon.[3] The rest of her gang, by contrast, is generated using the same loot table as generic raiders.
    • Such displays of violence are also typical of raider bosses trying to keep those beneath them in line and maintain their position at the top of the raider hierarchy.[Non-game 3]


Ack-Ack appears in Fallout 4 and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

Behind the scenes[]

Ack-Ack is a World War II-era slang term for anti-aircraft weapons, deriving from the German "8.8cm Flak" series of anti-aircraft guns. German soldiers nicknamed the series the "Eight-Eight," or "Acht-Acht" in German; English-speaking Allied soldiers heard this and adopted the nickname, mispronouncing it as "Ack-Ack."



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