Accident is a holodisk in Fallout 76.


  • Glassed cavern, on a bench in the locker room, end of the first stretch of the main corridor.



Foreman Grayson: All right, settle down now. I'm listening.

Worker Billy: You recording this?! You agreed this was gonna be private.

Grayson: This is just so we all have a record of what's discussed, is all.

Billy: Yeah right. You're going to use that to get me canned.

Grayson: Look, I'm on your side. I --

Billy: The hell you are!

Grayson: I AM on your side. But I got a boss, too. I've kept as many of you on as I could -

Billy: At a quarter of our wages.

Grayson: Billy, I -

Billy: Cut our wages.

Grayson: Damnit can I finish a sentence?!

Billy: It's easier for those damn eggheads.

Grayson: I know. I don't like those pocket protectors any more than you. I'd put them out on their scrawny butts if I could. But, like it or not, that glass of theirs is paying the bills.

Billy: Not my bills, it ain't.

Grayson: What would you have me do, Billy? Really.

Billy: What's one them scientist salaries? Got to be, what, ten of ours. What if there was a little... "accident?"

Grayson: ... Billy! You aren't being serious!

Billy: Maybe I am, maybe I ain't. All I'm saying -- what the...

Grayson: There's nothing scheduled that'd cause a quake like that. What the hell was that?

Billy: Wa'nt ain't me, boss... Honest!

Grayson: Respirators. Now!

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