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For the faction, see Acadia (faction).

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You've entered a place of clarity. Understanding. Peace. While you're here in Acadia, synth-kind welcomes you, as long as you welcome us.DiMA

Acadia is a pre-War observatory, used by DiMA as a safe haven on the Island in 2287 for synths who have fled the Institute.


This old astronomical observatory[1] was claimed by DiMA and Faraday as the site of their new synth colony. The observatory became a safe haven for synths brought in from the Commonwealth.[2][3][4]


Acadia is divided into three distinct levels. The entry level contains the dome and control center, where DiMA and Faraday reside. The level below contains a farm, infirmary, and main living quarters. The bottom level is used primarily for workshops and storage. The air around Acadia is free of fog. The observatory is situated at the top of a small mountain.

When entering through the front door there is a corridor with some stairs leading down on the right, Faraday's office and laboratory on the right past the stairs, and then the corridor leads directly into what was formerly the telescope room. DiMA can be found in this main room, often with Chase and Faraday. This circular room is lined with servers along the walls and has some stairs leading up to a mezzanine. There is also a door that is locked initially leading downstairs.

Downstairs are living quarters with several NPCs and synth refugees, including Dejen and Cog, both of whom are vendors. Continuing downstairs to the next floor is Kasumi Nakano, who has fled to Acadia from the Commonwealth, believing that she is actually a synth. There are some terminals and storage rooms located down on this floor.


Notable loot

Ground level

Intermediate level

Bottom level


Acadia appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor, and in the tabletop game Fallout: The Board Game.

Behind the scenes

There is a real world observatory located on the summit of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park.



  1. Far Harbor loading screen hints: "Acadia is built out the remains of an astronomical observatory."
  2. Far Harbor loading screen hints: "The settlement of Acadia was founded as a refuge for freed synths who wish to live among their own kind."
  3. Far Harbor loading screen hints: "Although it is primarily a refuge for synths, Acadia outwardly expresses a desire for peace with all the other residents of the island."
  4. Far Harbor loading screen hints: "Some of the synth refugees in Acadia are Institute escapees who refused to get their memories wiped by the Railroad. Others underwent the process, but the memory wipe didn't take... or started to unravel."