Abigayle "Abbie" Singh was one of the last surviving members of the Free States.


Abigayle Singh was a member of the Free States, the last surviving member when residents discover her bunker. She entered her bunker at a young age along with her father Niraj, brother Calvin, dog Dax, along with the Cohen family of three. They all would ride out the Great War in this bunker.

Many of her terminal entries located in Abbie's bunker described the difficult living conditions. She also notes her research on the Scorched Detection System.

She worked briefly with Ella Ames in the clinic at Harpers Ferry, but resigned due to difficulties dealing with people.[1] A paper note indicates that she was known and respected by JD Sunday and Jesus Sunday.[2]

Being one of the last surviving members of the Free States, and the only person that knew the Scorched Detection System inside and out, Abbie set up a series of recordings for any survivors to finishes what the Free States started. The Vault 76 residents pick up where she left off with the Early Warnings quest.


Abigayle Singh is mentioned only in Fallout 76.



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