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Abbie's bunker is a location in the Mire region of Appalachia in 2102.


Abbie's bunker is a pre-War bunker constructed by the family of Abigayle Singh, who were members of the Free States.


When approaching the bunker, there is a terminal and an overseer's cache next to the front door. After entering the front room there's another terminal and a door that leads down to the living quarters. The first room in the living area is a kitchen and eating area, that flows into the living room and office with three terminals. At the back of the bunker is a bathroom, and off to the right and left of the office area are two hallways. The hallway to the right leads to a generator room on the left and a workshop on the right side. There is a tinker's workbench at the end of this hallway. There is a level 3 safe under some metal shelves next to Abbie's workstation in the room on the right. The hallway to the left leads to two bedrooms.

Notable lootEdit


The area surrounding Abbie's bunker is a possible location to encounter a Flatwoods monster.


Abbie's bunker appears only in Fallout 76.


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