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Abandoned mine shaft 1 is a location in the Ash Heap region of Appalachia.


This site marks the first of many of the abandoned mine shafts in Appalachia. Located near the town of Welch, off of Route 84, it provided a source of work to the many miners in the area, until either its closure or the Great War.


The site consists of numerous wrecked or partially-buried vehicles, a section of collapsed walkway and a single Quonset hut. A weapons workbench can be found on the exterior of the hut, on the north side.

Entering the hut through the southern door, one finds an armor workbench to the right. A door on the northeastern side of the hut connects to a walkway descending into a large hole in the ground. At the bottom of the walkway is a large barrel-shaped structure with numerous pipes running off of it and an open-top covered with a metal grating. The structure contains a glowing mass of unknown composition that spews smoke and embers into the air and is highly radioactive.

Notable loot

  • Fusion core - On a box inside the hut, near the east entrance.
  • 22 blight plants - Between the site and AMS testing site.
  • 14 aluminum ore veins - Six around the main pit, four over the edge of the southwestern cliff and four on top of the cliff on the main pit, northeast on the map from the site marker.


Abandoned mine shaft 1 appears in Fallout 76.