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The abandoned house. Keeps that one to himself, he does. That's where it is. That's why he doesn't want us in there.Old Lady Dithers on the whereabouts of the failsafe.

The abandoned house is a house in the Tranquility Lane simulation in 2277. It contains a hidden terminal that allows the player character an alternate way to complete the Tranquility Lane quest.


As with all houses in Tranquility Lane, it has two stories, with the front door entering into the living room, which features a garden gnome, cinder block, glass pitcher, broken radio, and an empty soda bottle. The other ground level rooms are a bathroom and a kitchen. Upstairs, the house has another bathroom and a bedroom with two single beds.

In stark contrast to the pristine condition of all the other houses in Tranquility Lane, the abandoned house is noticeably dark and unkempt, with much of the furniture knocked over. Outside, a doghouse can be found on the front lawn, in the right corner.

Code sequence

To initiate the simulation's failsafe within, in this order activate the broken radio, glass pitcher, garden gnome, glass pitcher, cinder block, garden gnome, and empty soda bottle. The tones made by activating these items in the correct order make up part of Tranquility Lane's background music.

Related quests


  • During the process of completing the quest according to Betty's tasks, the doghouse outside can be interacted with to retrieve the Pint-Sized Slasher gear.
  • The beds on the second floor can be slept in.


The abandoned house appears only in Fallout 3.