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This abandoned house is an unmarked location in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston in 2287. It is infested with feral ghouls. The easiest path to the house is to turn right at the end of the bridge leading towards Bunker Hill, and then take the first left.


Contained within the house are three holotapes titled control subject's recordings, a three part story. A young woman, Research Assistant Peters, volunteered to test out a new radiation treatment "serum sample 42-BA-7," devised by a Dr. Roberts: first undergoing gradual irradiation to six sieverts, and then applying the serum in the hopes of restoring her body to normal condition. She did not survive.


This small three story house, tucked in away from the main street, was the home of a family of three. The first floor consists of a kitchen and living room and the second floor as a master bedroom and a child's bedroom, decorated with Nuka-Cola, Red Rocket and Captain Cosmos posters, alongside a select few Captain Cosmos toys. The house also has an attic. The windows of the home are boarded up, and a deceased couple on the porch have a duffel bag of ammunition with them.

Several feral ghouls are spread throughout the first and second floors. At the end of the stairs leading to the third floor, there is an Advanced locked door behind which a glowing one has been trapped.[1]

Notable loot

  • Three control subject's recordings - The first tape is on the kitchen's counter, the second on a dresser on the second floor and the third one is behind the Advanced locked door on the third floor.
  • One overdue book - On a dresser on the second floor.


The abandoned house appears only in Fallout 4.



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    Head into this Ghoul-infested three-floor home with severe rising damp. Unlock the top bedroom door (Advanced) for a storage attic with an unpleasant owner."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)