The abandoned bog town is a location in the Cranberry Bog region of Appalachia in 2102. It is a public workshop with claim and defend event quests.


Abandoned Bog Town is the remains of a small town on Route 65, whose main attraction was the Red Rocket gas station that allowed travelers to refuel before continuing on their journey. Many houses inside the town are inaccessible, having been deemed as condemned. After the Great War, it grew in size due to a village of wood and metal shacks located behind the main string of buildings, of which a group of raiders were based out of. The raiders primarily spent their time raiding the nearby city of Watoga,[1] while some experimented with chems[2] and traded. In time, a decrease of travelers to steal from caused the raider town's prosperity to diminish.[3]


Running through the town is Highway 65. On the West side of the highway, there is a police station, bus station, and an abundance of shacks, broken houses, warehouses, and trailers. One warehouse to the northwest belonged to Scott Turner. On the East side of the highway is the workshop, more shacks, a 3 story brick building (3rd floor only accessible through roof elevator entrance), and most of the workshop's resource deposits.

Abandoned bog town is a claimable workshop. There are lots of notes and holotapes throughout the small town, as well as workbenches, and a stash box inside the south Red Rocket station. The building in the center of town has a floor full of phones, typewriters, and other loot - only accessible through the elevator at the top or the hole in the floor.

The town itself stretches along Route 65, which divides it sharply into two halves. The western half if further divided by a road running down the district. Clockwise, from the bus stop in the north, players can enjoy the ruined houses that line Route 65, a police station, a trapped, destroyed caravan in the south, and burned-out chem trailers and an old warehouse in the southwestern corner. The most notable location is a small trailer parked inside a garage in the northwestern corner, which was the home of Scott Turner, the Watogan saboteur.

The eastern part of the town is in slightly better repair, though not by much. From the north, it includes condemned housing, a derelict diner, an old office building that, together with the adjacent shantytown, made up a raider stronghold once, and finally, the old Red Rocket gas station with the player's stash and an old trailer.

The workshop is in the back of the brick building and covers a rectangle area bounded by Route 65, the northern edge of the brick building, the creek a short walk east, and roughly the tinker's workbench down south. The available resources are: Food (7), water (3), concrete (3), silver (1), gold (1), acid (1), and oil (1).

Notable lootEdit

Holotapes and notes
Other loot
  • Police jail key - On the front counter of the police station. Opens security gate.
  • RobCo research facility keycard - On Scott Turner. Used on ID card reader at RobCo Research Center.
  • Random armor plan - On a metal shelf near the bus stop and next to an armor workbench.
  • Random recipe - On a rear counter inside Adelaide's diner.
  • Fusion core - Two can be found in an ammo box in Scott Turner's hideout.
  • Protectron model - Can be found in Scott Turner's hideout on the desk.
  • A 50 cal machine gun may spawn on a truck bed located on main road, heading towards Watoga.
  • Two random weapon mods:
    • On a cabinet to the northeast of town, at an outdoor shack home.
    • Under the counter, inside the Red Rocket building.
  • Random armor mod - At the southern outskirts of town, inside a metal shack, on a shelf.
  • Random power armor mod - In the saboteur's hideout, on a shelf.


  • The office building in this town is a good source for springs and screws, in the form of typewriters, clipboards, and antique globes. It can be entered by climbing the fire escape ladders of the tallest building and going into the open elevator shaft on the roof. A modified laser gun spawns in a barn at the edge of the town.
  • Power can be supplied to the workshop by completing the Powering Up Thunder Mountain event.


The abandoned bog town appears only in Fallout 76.



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