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Aaron Bradie was an engineer working in the Appalachian Shelters Claim Center before the Great War, along with Jameson Grillo.


In October 2077, Bradie and Jameson Grillo were assigned to the Shelters Claim Center.[1] Grillo and Bradie were present in the Claim Center when the Great War struck, along with Mr. Clark. On October 26, three days after the Great War, Grillo attempted to utilize the Claim Center terminals to send out a message, due to being unable to contact his family or Vault-Tec office landlines.[2] By November 13, having weeks of radio silence and no signs of life around the area, Jameson attempted to access Vault 51 or its communications network, to no avail.[3] By December 1, Bradie and Grillo left the Claim Center, hoping to follow the Potomac River to warmer climates, due to the cold and lack of food.[4]


Aaron Bradie is mentioned only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.


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