Aaron Babowski was a producer for the Hubris Comics branch located in Boston in 2077.


Having a background in television production, he was brought in by Hubris Comics to bring the Silver Shroud radio show to the small screen.

The work on the show started around October 2077, with Babowski managing to almost instantly alienate lead writer Tina Hopkins with his method and the changes he introduced. Babowski made stealth revisions to the shooting script, introducing several alterations that both Hopkins and manager Vivian O'Dell believed would alienate the core fans of the series.[1] O'Dell brought her concerns to Babowski, but he dismissed them and moved forward with his decision.[2]

When it was time to begin casting for the upcoming show, Babowski and Evans Richelli managed to sign actress Claire Redelle for the role of the Mistress of Mystery, doing so without discussing or gaining approval from the other team members. When the team learned of the contract, they strongly objected, professing for multitudinous reasons that Shannon Rivers was the most qualified and adored by the existing fanbase, having provided her voice for the last 26 years. Hopkins threatened to leave the project if the Redelle casting decision stood.[3] O'Dell promised to intercede on Hopkins' behalf, although she would refuse to postpone her honeymoon for a second time to do so, and reached out to Babowski to protest Redelle's casting.[4][5]

Babowski's response was dismissive, pointing out that the contract with Claire Redelle had already been signed. He also called Shannon Rivers unsuitable for the role due to her age.[6] Peter Shiner, the chief of publishing for Hubris Comics, tried to work out a compromise between the team members.[7] It had little impact and Hopkins accepted another position elsewhere shortly thereafter.[8]

As Claire Redelle wrapped up shooting on another film, Babowski used Shannon Rivers as a stand-in at the dress rehearsals, although Rivers did not realize her role was temporary. When Redelle was ready to fly in to begin production, Babowski fired Rivers, who learned she would be replaced by Redelle in the radio program as well.[9][10] Babowski's triumph was short-lived as the Great War began a few days later, rendering the TV pilot a moot point.


Aaron Babowski is mentioned only in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.


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