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A reminder to myself is a holotape in Fallout 76.


In a green wooden box sticking out the back of a tree stump, across the river and up the hill from the cemetery behind the Flatwoods church.


Responder: A reminder to myself. The Responders are good people. They're trying their damn best, for sure. But things aren't good. And stuff is getting worse. Anyway, this is a reminder to myself. A reminder that this gun. It's my insurance. If things get real bad, if the food runs out or the water runs dry. I get to decide how I leave this goddamn world. I'm not gonna let myself suffer. I'm not gonna die hungry and alone. I can't.


The cache containing this holotape is mentioned by the trapped Responder in the Responder's plea holotape.

Behind the scenes

The Responder in this holotape (and the one in the Responder's plea) was voiced by Brian Krause.