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This is a Quick Fix. I mean that`s the name of our shop.Cindy Cantelli

A Quick Fix is a drug and medicine shop run by Cindy Cantelli in the Rivet City market in 2277.


A Quick Fix is a small market stall situated in Rivet City's marketplace. It consists of shelves along both sides and a counter on the lefthand side, with a cash register towards the back. There is also a large metal trunk at the back to the left and a small chair to the right on which Cindy sits during the day.

The inventory of the store consists of various chems, including ant queen pheromones, which can be bought and given to Angela Staley for the unmarked quest A Nice Day for a Right Wedding. A Quick Fix is one of only two stores where the pheromones can be obtained, aside from going to the locations where there are ant queens.

The key to the store's inventory can be obtained by killing both Cindy and Paulie Cantelli. The key will be on the corpse of the last person killed (as Paulie sneaks to the store at night, he would have the key too).

Notable loot

Gum drops can be found towards the back of the right shelf, which cannot be purchased and must be stolen.

Related quests


  • It is possible to get a 10% discount from A Quick Fix by completing the optional objective when finding out about the history of Rivet City for the Wasteland Survival Guide.
  • Cindy Cantelli's husband, Paulie, is a psycho addict, and he is banned from using the shop. Should Cindy be killed, Paulie will run the shop instead. If Paulie is given psycho he will die from a drug overdose, leaving the shop without an owner, and the Lone Wanderer without someone to buy/sell chems.
  • If Paulie is made to overdose but Cindy is still alive she will be relieved because now she can actually make a profit and no longer have to worry about him stealing the product. There will be no change in pricing, however.


A Quick Fix appears only in Fallout 3.