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A Place to Call Home is a side quest in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Charlestown Condo."


The quest begins the next time a save is loaded after purchasing the Creation Club content. The quest's objective is to find the Charlestown condo, which is in the mid-eastern part of the map, just east of Bunker Hill, and immediately adjacent to the USS Constitution.

After finding the door in the corner of a building, by the water, and under some vines, the quest will update with a prompt to search the nearby area to find any clues of where the key might be. There is a hollowed-out rock in some nearby rubble with a note inside, titled Note to travelers.

After reading this note, the quest updates and has the player character find someone named Charlie, who has the Charlestown condo key. His body can be found just up the street to the west of Hubris Comics.

Once the key is retrieved, the quest will have the player character return to the condo, where the workshop must be activated to complete the quest. The workshop is on the second floor.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
0 Find the CondoRumor has it there's a pre-war condo somewhere in Charlestown. If Raiders hear about this place they'll definitely ransack it, so I better get there before they do.
10 Search the AreaI've found the condo, but it's locked. I should look around the area and see if there's any clue where I might find the key.
15 Read Note to TravelersI found a hollowed out rock containing a letter addressed to some travelers who seem to have never arrived. I should read it for clues on where I can find the key to the Charlestown Condo.
20 Find CharlieI've found the condo, but it's locked. A man named Charlie has the key, but he went on a supply scavenging run. I should see if I can find him.
30 Enter the CondoI've found Charlie's body. It looks like he had a run-in with some Raiders and didn't make it. Now that I have the key, I can explore the condo and see what's inside.
40 Find the WorkshopI've gained access to the Charlestown Condo. It's got a lot of room. With a bit of work I could easily turn this place into a home of my own. I should see if there's a Workshop in here somewhere.
50Quest finishedI found a pre-war condo in Charlestown. Its previous owner was killed, so I've claimed the place as my own.