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A Magical Kingdom is a quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Quick walkthrough

Nuka-World main quest: A Magical Kingdom
Enter Kiddie Kingdom.
Investigate the theater in King Cola's Court.
Investigate the Fun House.
Investigate the Employee tunnels.
Investigate the 3 areas.
Confront Oswald the Outrageous at the top of King Cola's Castle.
(Hard speech check) Persuade Oswald to give up.
Show Rachel's holotape to Oswald.
Kill Oswald and his feral friends.
Pick up Oswald's password on his body.
Turn off the radiation sprayers with the terminal.
Reward: Oswald's tophat and the Sword of Wonders given by Oswald
Reward: Magician's tuxedo, Oswald's tophat and the Sword of Wonders are found on Oswald's corpse
Assign a gang to Kiddie Kingdom by hoisting their flag.
Reward: 400+ XP
Control of Kiddie Kingdom

Detailed walkthrough

When first entering Kiddie Kingdom from the south, a voice will greet the Sole Survivor and goad them to look for the owner in the tunnels, the theater, and the Fun House, as well as inform them that the park is constantly covered by a thick cloud of radioactive gas by sprayers installed all across the park. The Sole Survivor can explore the three areas in any order they wish.


The entrance to the employee tunnels is located to the east of the Ferris Wheel and is reached by following the track of the Blast Off! ride to a tunnel entrance beneath the castle. (There will be a Nuka-World mascot to the left.) Moving onward, the halls lead down into a bunker, where a terminal mentions how the park employees sheltered down in the tunnels and slowly changed into feral ghouls from radiation exposure.

Through a hole in the rear wall, the voice—belonging to a glowing one named Oswald—speaks to a feral ghoul as if it were sentient. He states that the visitor (in reference to the player character) is unlike any other he's met and wants to prepare for them. Then, in true magician form, he disappears in a puff of smoke. Move around to the left, staying near the wall and hop onto the stairs, avoiding the glowing pool of water, as it will cause 10-20 rads/second of damage.

Enter the booth and use the terminal to shut off the sprayers. Retrace the Sole Survivor's steps to the window and exit the tunnels. After leaving, Oswald reactivates the sprayers, meaning the radiation will still be strong in the park.

Fun house

Exiting the door will lead to a coaster track, where two cars will zip down the tracks at different intervals. Being struck by them will cause considerable damage. Run down the tracks and emerge in a courtyard full of ghouls. The tunnel luckily exits near the Fun House. Enter the facility and proceed into the Hall of Mirrors.

While not as confusing as a normal funhouse, due to centuries of dirt and grime, the room is still dangerous. Proceed carefully, as two enemies are hiding behind the cloudy reflections. One is a feral ghoul, crouched with its back turned away. The other is a radroach, which will pounce once the ammo box beneath it is approached, though a frag mine ahead may kill it first.

At the end of the hall, the doors lead to another long hall. Past the first security gate, Oswald will start up a conveyor belt floor, easily outpaced by running, though at certain points grenades will drop from the ceiling. Run, with the occasional jump, to reach the end. The next room has two spinning platforms to scale over.

The next room is the Hypno Hall. A terminal to the left of the door allows for a less nausea-inducing experience. Take the swirling hall on the right, then go left and straight to find SCAV! issue #3 next to a dead raider. Retrace and go through the hall to the right. Ignore the several swirling images, as well as possible, and fight off two painted ghouls near the end. Through the door, a charred ghoul greets one's arrival. Going through the topsy-turvy room leads to a room of many doors, a spinning floor, and more ghouls. After the fight, search the many doors. When the player character has had their fill of free loot—and several pop-culture references—going through the correct door will lead them to the chained door back to the exit and the hall up to the control room.

Here, Oswald has already fled but promises to keep the fun up. Deactivate the security gates, in addition to grabbing the Nuka-Lixir recipe next to the terminal, then exit the Fun House.


After the funhouse, the player character has only one place left to search: the theater, located in King Cola's Castle.

Cross the bridges, and enter the grounds of the castle. Fight to the top, and enter. Within, Oswald invites the player character to the theater, where he declares that his interest is piqued by their resilience. He teleports to the ground floor, shows off his ability to revive dead ghouls, then engages in battle. Oswald's weapon deals electrical damage and he will constantly revive ghouls that are killed in battle, while occasionally also using a stimpak.

When his health is brought down, he will disappear. Before leaving, check the rooms behind the stage, especially the one on the right, for the Nuka-Berry recipe, then take the elevator.

Oswald the Outrageous

After the Sole Survivor has visited all three locations, Oswald invites them to join him on the roof of the castle for one last match.

Upon arriving on the roof, the conversation with Oswald can go one of three ways: either Oswald refuses to believe that a cure is nonexistent and attacks; he is persuaded to leave with a hard Charisma check; if Bradberton was searched and Rachel's holotape was retrieved, one can give it to him, whereupon he will submit and leave. In any case, the player character is rewarded with the unique weapon Sword of Wonders, Oswald's tophat and if Oswald is killed, his outfit. From here the park can be assigned to a gang as part of The Grand Tour.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
20 Search the TheaterKiddie Kingdom is covered in radioactive mist and a strange voice has taunted me over the Park Announcement system. I should look for the source of the voice.
25 Search the Fun House
30 Search the Tunnels
50 (Optional) Take part in the Magic Show
110 (Optional) Find a key for the Employee Tunnels
200 Confront Oswald the OutrageousI turned off the source of the radioactive mist in Kiddie Kingdom, and found a magician named Oswald who has been taunting me along the way. I'll need to flush him out to clear out Kiddie Kingdom for good.
210 Kill Oswald the Outrageous or convince him to leave by finding Rachel!I turned off source of the radioactive mist in Kiddie Kingdom, but the magician, Oswald, turned the sprayers back on. I'll need to flush him out to clear out Kiddie Kingdom for good.
300 Turn off the Radiation Sprayers
1000 Assign a Gang to Kiddie Kingdom
2000Quest finishedQuest completeI have secured Kiddie Kingdom.


  • After turning off the mist system in the tunnels, Oswald turns it back on soon after leaving the tunnels. Even though this cannot be avoided, Oswald has reaction dialogue if one goes back into the tunnels to turn the mist off again. He'll comment that he's been at it for hundreds of years, and wonders how long the Sole Survivor can keep going.
  • During their final dialogue with Oswald, if they happen to be too close to Oswald and don't have a very high radiation resistance, the Sole Survivor will constantly take an unusual amount of radiation damage (not displayed on the game interface), which could quickly accumulate to become lethal. A simple way to completely avoid that is to try moving only partly through the elevator door and then wait for Oswald to show up in a safe distance.
  • If one battles Oswald in the theater of King Cola's Castle before exploring the Fun House, the elevator behind the stage will be nonoperational and the roof cannot be accessed. Once the Fun House is completed, Oswald will invite them to the roof of the castle and the elevator will be usable. The tunnels do not need to be explored if doing events in this order.
  • If the ghoul corpses in the theater are dismembered before Oswald appears, they will not be revived by his "magic," though the dialogue will not change.

Behind the scenes

The quest name is a reference to the Magic Kingdom, the oldest theme park of the Walt Disney World Resort.


  • PCPC It's possible to get a hard crash while in the elevator going to the roof to meet Oswald. [verified]
  • PCPC When confronted in the theater, he will offer no dialogue options, whether or not Rachel's holotape has been found. After defeating his attack, he will proclaim that he cannot be defeated so easily. He will roam the park, and resist all damage. It will be necessary to load from a save before entering the Kiddie Kingdom. [verified]
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One It is possible to fully explore all the locations and find Oswald unresponsive standing at the control for the moving belt in the Fun House. [verified]
    • setstage 0603684f 1000 will make Oswald disappear and allow the assignment of the flag. Using player.additem xx04A096 will add the password to his terminal to one's inventory to shut off the mist.
    • Alternatively setstage 0603684f 700 will advance the quest to the next stage, activating the elevator so the player can confront Oswald on the roof.
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One The quest will not activate if a jet pack is used to enter the Kiddie Kingdom, bypassing the entrance or lower levels of the area. Oswald will be shown in all 3 locations, however, he will not proceed after defeating his attack in the theater. [verified]
  • PCPC Even if Oswald was killed, RedEye on Raider Radio will say he was given a job. [verified]
  • PCPC If one hasn't started this quest but turns the mist off with the pump control system in the employee tunnels, then enters Kiddie Kingdom while managing to not start the quest, Oswald will tell he's turning the mist back on, if one returns Oswald will be next to the pump control system with no way to talk to him and the stage will be at 210 even though it will not have been started. The way to fix this is by going through the south gate, and the quest will start. [verified]
  • PCPC After Oswald invites the Sole Survivor to the final stage on the rooftop, if one did not respond shortly, such as returning back to the Commonwealth, sleeping or heading to Bradberton (where the holotape is), a bug may trigger causing two feral ghouls to spawn on the rooftop with one of the ghouls being friendly. In this case, Oswald will immediately turn hostile upon appearing from smoke, rendering the peaceful ending impossible to achieve. For anyone who pursues the peaceful ending, it is recommended to collect Rachel's holotape before Oswald’s invitation, or as early as possible. [verified]