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As long as that abomination lives, he's a threat to the Brotherhood. The time has come to deal with him.Lancer-Captain Kells

A Loose End is a Brotherhood of Steel side quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: A Loose End
Speak with Lancer Captain Kells.
Travel to the rocky cave and speak with Virgil.
(Optional) Convince Kells that Virgil has been cured.
Kill Virgil and report to Kells.
Spare Virgil and lie to Kells.
Reward: 300+ XP
Visionary's T-60c helmet.

Detailed walkthrough

If Virgil still lives, the quest begins when the Sole Survivor speaks with Lancer Captain Kells during Liberty Reprimed after convincing Madison Li to work on Liberty Prime (or alternatively, speaking with Professor Scara), or after the side quest Duty or Dishonor is completed. He informs them that the super mutant Virgil must be killed. The Sole Survivor then must find and talk to Virgil. They will then have the choice to either kill Virgil or spare him and lie to Captain Kells. Alternatively, Kells can be convinced with a Charisma check that Virgil has been cured and is no longer a threat; this option may be taken while receiving the quest or after going to meet with Virgil. After picking either option, the Sole Survivor must report back to Captain Kells who will reward them with the Visionary's T-60c helmet.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
15 Speak to Lancer Captain KellsCaptain Kells said he has another mission for me. I should report to him for my new orders.
30 Kill VirgilCaptain Kells believes Virgil is a threat to the Brotherhood, and ordered me to eliminate him.
80 (Optional) Spare Virgil and lie that you killed himCaptain Kells ordered me to kill Virgil, but Virgil says he poses no threat to the Brotherhood. Should I complete my original mission or protect Virgil and lie to Captain Kells?
90 Report to Kells - if Virgil killedVirgil is dead. I should report back to Captain Kells.
254Quest failedQuest failed
255Quest finishedQuest completeVirgil lives, but he poses no threat to the Brotherhood of Steel.
Virgil is no longer a threat to the Brotherhood of Steel.


  • Liberty Reprimed does not need to be completed to start this quest; only finishing the 'Speak to Doctor Li' objective is necessary.
  • It is possible to bypass the Charisma check by choosing the "not a threat" dialogue option, which causes the Sole Survivor to lie to Kells that they have already taken care of Virgil. Kells will congratulate them for being one step ahead and yields the same rewards.
  • If the Sole Survivor built the signal interceptor for The Molecular Level with the help of the Minutemen or the Railroad and then continued the Brotherhood of Steel questline, they can still receive this quest even though the Brotherhood would technically have no idea of Virgil's existence.
  • If there is still an active quest for Kells, such as Leading by Example, it must be completed for him to assign this quest.
    • If the quest Tactical Thinking has been started, the player character will be unable to speak to Kells about this quest without progressing the other one, which will cause the Railroad to become permanently hostile. If looking to preserve ties with the Railroad, this quest must be completed prior to completing Blind Betrayal.
  • It is possible to obtain this quest even after the player character has been made a sentinel. Kells even has some unique dialogue.
  • If one decides to go with the Brotherhood of Steel quest-line and blows up the Institute without obtaining the serum for Virgil, he will become angry and immediately start attacking the Sole Survivor after a short dialogue.
  • This quest can still be given if Virgil has been transformed back into a human in Virgil's Cure. There will be a Charisma check to convince Kells that Virgil is no longer a super mutant, potentially ending the quest without having to confront Virgil.