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What horrors lurk at the bottom of Monongah Mine?

Event: A Colossal Problem is a public event in the Fallout 76 update The Legendary Run.


Stage 1

The thirty-minute event timer starts as soon as a nuke is launched with Monongah Mine in its blast radius. One can join the event and is subsequently teleported into the mine's interior. From there, the player character has five minutes to make their way to the arena entrance and prepare for the fight.

It is possible to repair, modify, or craft equipment here using workbenches placed both at the entrance and in the large cavern after the tunnels. Several notes and a holotape can be found with a little exploration and a total of three wendigo spawns can be killed. After the time has passed, the rubble on the right-hand side of the large cavern will collapse, allowing for a further descent into the mine.

Stage 2

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Once the initial five-minute timer is up, the one-way entrance to the boss arena will open. On the far side of the cavern is Earle Williams, who has transformed into a wendigo colossus and will immediately engage in combat. Earle himself is incredibly resistant to damage and has a large health pool, and will also mutate to regain all of his health once he is initially brought down to around half of his health.

The fight itself consists of avoiding Earle, killing off the waves of wendigo spawns that Earle attracts, evading the ranged attacks, and evading the burning embers that drop down from the cave's ceiling during the later stage of the fight. Dying during the fight results in respawning in the large cavern with the previously blocked mine shaft, dropping down said shaft again allows for a quick return to the action. Do not forget to grab any loot that was dropped when killed, as it cannot be recovered once the player character escapes the mine until the quest is triggered again.

Should time run out and Earle is still alive, one fails the quest and gets teleported to the Monongah Mine exterior, resulting in no rewards whatsoever and skipping the next stage.

Stage 3

After Earle has been defeated, the mine will start collapsing, giving a two-minute window to make the escape. Earle can be looted before heading up the sloped tunnel marked by an "EXIT" sign and warning lights, killing any wendigo spawns and auto-miners on the way out, or just outright outrunning them due to the tight time limit. Exiting the mine will conclude the quest, awarding experience, and loot. If Something Sentimental is still an active quest, Earle's pocket watch will be found on his remains, allowing the quest to progress further.


Event: A Colossal Problem

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Wait for the mine shaft rubble to clear
? Drop down the mine shaft
? Investigate the noise
? Kill Earle Williams
? The mine is collapsing!
? Escape the mine!


  • If a player character dies during stage 3, they will be teleported to the entrance of the mine and will be unable to recover their dropped loot.
  • The event is intended for teams of at least eight high-level and properly equipped players.
  • The consumable Liquid Courage will temporarily render the user immune to Earle's Uncontrollable Fear effect, but only has a base duration of four minutes.
  • Several wendigo spawn appear and can stagger the player character even while wearing power armor.
  • Wendigo spawn will sometimes drop ammunition but typically in low amounts.
  • Multiple environmental hazards will randomly affect the boss arena:
    • Burning Embers: 25 Fire fire damage for 3 seconds. Resisted by fire resistance and avoided completely by asbestos lining.
    • Standing inside the hazard area will stack the burning effect upon itself.
    • A maximum of five hazards can exist simultaneously.
    • Each tick of damage is calculated separately, meaning each hit will deal 25 Fire fire damage no matter how many simultaneous active effects.
  • If a player character dies during the fight against Earle and then escapes the mine before recovering their dropped loot, it is considered lost until someone else nukes Monongah Mine and reopens it to do the quest again so the loot can be recovered.[verification needed]

Behind the scenes

  • Victoria McCreary was the main quest designer for the event.[1]
  • Although the quest's existence was known prior to the release of Wastelanders, it was ultimately not released on April 14, 2020, alongside the update's first release. It was finally activated on August 18 in The Legendary Run patch, following further testing in the game's Private Test Server.[2] It was originally slated to be included with patch 20, then patch 21, but was delayed both times to allow for polishing and internal testing.[3]
  • The quest was initially only accessible for PC players, as the hotfix had only been applied on that platform. It is currently available on all platforms.


Icon pc.png Icon xboxone.png Icon ps4.png Entering a suit of power armor right as the screen fades to black following the event will allow the player to remain in Monongah Mine indefinitely.[verified]


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