AVR Medical Center terminal entries are terminal entries found on terminals at the AVR Medical Center in Fallout 76.

AVR Medical laboratory terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink


Inoculation Project OverviewEdit


Produce a vaccine against the mutagenic effect known as the Scorched plague.

Extract blood samples from three candidate creatures observed to be more resistant to Scorched mutagenic effect. Use blood sample analysis to create synthetic antibodies.

Feral Ghoul, Mole Rat, Wolf

Project stalled until replacement Type-T fuse can be acquired. Request filed with Responders quartermaster to obtain replacement.

Project JournalEdit


Dr. Claire Hudson

November 7th, 2096Edit


We're too late. I've failed.

Was on the radio with Maria just now. She's never seen so many Scorchbeasts. She says the sky above the airport's dark with them. They're not attacking. Not yet. Waiting on their Scorched foot soldiers to arrive, maybe. Clever bastards.

And of course, we're scraping the bottom of the barrel on ammo and stims, so this couldn't come at a worse time.

So what the hell do I do now?

Down here, alone, I might eventually be able to finish this vaccine. I can't help the Fire Breathers anymore, but maybe someday the vaccine will save lives, assuming anyone's left.

If I can make it back to the airport, I could save lives today, or maybe tomorrow, or whenever the battle comes.

And it will come.

Shit. I can't stay here. It might be suicide trying to make the trip on my own, but I can't turn my back on everyone I care about. Not when they need me the most. Not when I'm the one who failed to play her part in our plan to stop the Scorched before it came to this.

If anyone finds this, then get those blood samples. Load them into the centrifuge and run the DNA analysis program. The rest is pretty automatic.

Good luck to us both.

October 20th, 2096Edit


Damn it all! So close, and yet I'm stuck. Jeff's been out on foraging missions pretty much around the clock, and I can't get in touch with him to request help with the blood samples or the replacement fuse.

The Fire Breathers are almost ready for the big operation and I've got nothing to give them. If they take on the Scorched without being inoculated first, I fear what might happen.

I have to confront the possibility that I might never get the chance to finish this work. But maybe someone else can. These journal entries should serve as a guide. I'm thinking I can also rig up the Sympto-Matic to play a message to anyone that's able to administer the inoculation once it's done.

That way, if the worst happens, I can at least leave some kind of signpost to help others benefit from what we've learned. To help them survive if... if maybe I don't.

September 2nd, 2096Edit


Thank God for automation. I'm one woman doing the work of a small research team. If not for the computers and machinery here, this project wouldn't have a chance.

Speaking of the project, the creatures that show the most resilience to the Scorched plague are the Mole Rats, Feral Ghouls and wolvesIcon sic.

If I can get a blood sample from each one, it'll be a simple matter to load them into the centrifuge and run the analysis program. With the resulting data, synthesizing antibodies should be a pretty straightforward process.

Add the synthetic antibodies to the suspension fluid, and presto, instant Scorched vaccine. Then it's just a matter of waiting on that phone call about my Nobel Prize for Medicine.

That's the good news. The bad news is this old Sympto-Matic machine. I powered it on and the damn thing blew a fuse right away.

Jeff thinks there might be some Type-T fuses at the old mining supply store. Hopefully he can send someone to check soon.

To hear Maria tell it, those boys in the Fire Breathers unit are itching to take the fight to the Scorched, and they're counting on my inoculation to protect them.

August 12th, 2096Edit


Short entry today. Why? Because I really only did one thing, and it wasn't research.

No, my day was spent hiding from a pack of Scorched that invaded the hospital this morning. Most of them stayed up on the ground floor, but a few wandered down here. It's a good thing I heard them, because I barely had time to hole up in the closet when they started searching around in the lab.

It occurs to me that we know almost nothing about the Scorched. What motivates them? Do they eat? Why are they hostile toward everything that isn't one of them?

Eventually the Scorched moved on. And by eventually, I mean nine hours later.

I never want to set foot in a storage closet again.

August 1st, 2096Edit


Making good progress overall, at least with the preparation. Got the analysis program finished and then, after no small amount of yelling, cursing and kicking things, I finally got the terminal and the Sympto-Matic talking to each other.

Well, that's a mischaracterization. It would be more correct to say that I got the terminal to scream orders at the Sympto-Matic, and I got the Sympto-Matic to obey them.

Now I get to pore over hundreds of firsthand accounts, personal observations, and any other information we've gathered relating to how the Scorched plague has been affecting the local wildlife. If I'm lucky, a tenth of it might be useful.

So now we come to it... the crux of my theory. If I can identify the creatures that seem least affected by the Scorched plague, then maybe, just maybe, I can figure out why. Then, with luck, synthetic antibodies might not be far behind.

July 6th, 2096Edit


Okay, here we go. One brave doctor taking on the mysteries of the Scorched! How heroic!

Truth is, I'm alone, I'm more than a little terrified and I'm skeptical this whole crazy idea will even work. I think the fundamentals are sound enough, but once I start analyzing the Scorched DNA, who knows what I'll find, or whether I'll even understand it?

But I have to try. If I don't, all the people I care about are as good as dead. And if the Scorched start to spread? I don't even want to think about it.

At least I can be grateful we found this lab. It has everything I need, provided I can get all of the equipment working. Hey, I got this terminal reprogrammed, and that's a pretty good start.

Speaking of which, I'd better start writing that analysis program. No time to- damn, there's that scratching noise again. I thought we cleared this place out, but I swear there's something moving around in the upper levels.

Guess I'd better work fast.

Analyze Blood SamplesEdit

Without blood samples and fuse

*** ERROR ***

All required blood samples are not loaded in the centrifuge.

Please place samples in the centrifuge and try again.

With blood samples and fuse

Inititating startup cycle...

Motor activated, please do not open the device!


Separation achieved, commencing analysis


Analysis complete. Data forwarded to Sympto-Matic unit.

Sympto-Matic configuration complete. Ready for inoculation.

Marvin Wexim's terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Staff Supervisor's Terminal
AVR Medical Center Internal Mail System

Internal Staff Mail 8TN24Edit


To: All Staff
From: Marvin Wexim, Senior Staff Supervisor

All, our annual happy hour is coming up. I'd like to remind everyone to have fun, but also be courteous of others. I know things get a little roudyIcon sic, and that's fine, but be aware of those around you. We really can't have another mishap like last year. thankIcon sic god we were already in a hospital.

Internal Staff Mail 8NY47Edit


To: All Staff
From: Marvin Wexim, Senior Staff Supervisor

I'd like to address a concern that's recently come to my attention. Apparently, some of the staff (I'll not name any names) seem to think the food we prepare here in the hospital is not up to their high standards. I'd like to remind you that you're free to bring your own meals to work if you don't like what we have here. Nobody is forcing you to eat "inedible slurry", Jim. In any case, it's not okay to throw food at the servers behind the counter, or anyone for that matter. This is not high school, Jim.

Internal Staff Mail 8CM68Edit


To: All Staff
From: Marvin Wexim, Senior Staff Supervisor

I'd like to send out a quick note reminding everyone to stay calm. We've all heard the reports by now about the bombs. I know this is scary, but everyone coming through these doors is counting on us to help them. Stay calm, stay professional, stay safe...

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