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The ATLAS Observatory is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia in 2102.


Disguised as an astronomical research laboratory, ATLAS was actually a military weather modification weapon, being developed by the United States Armed Forces, and initially supervised by Major Kirk Bentley.

After many unproductive months, Bentley was replaced by Lt. Col. James Oberlin, and the project was given an ultimatum: Give scalable results by April or be closed. The project advanced its development and by March 12, prototype results started yielding effects, specifically, initiating a light rainfall across a localized area. Then, the project funding raised up and Dr. Isaac Hammond invested more research into more high energy weather conditions. The ATLAS engineers also initiated the construction of the accelerator even before the technology was complete.

The project continued until August, when the doctor had been able to produce different weather conditions, even a near-whiteout blizzard that some of the local media reported, and that Oberlin had to cover up. The colonel presented the project in a meeting in the Pentagon, and it was stated that the weapon would be used in small skirmishes or in clandestine operations. During the next year, the Pentagon invested even more into the project.

Finally in October 2077, the project was closed, as the Pentagon didn't considered the project worth all the money and the risks, and Oberlin falsified all the data to make the project look like a failure.[1]



The observatory caps the crest of the hill along route 63 east of Monongah and is well marked on the map. There are three entrances to the building, which is encircled by cars, junk and equipment to the south and east. The exterior of the building is well guarded by protectrons, eyebots, the occasional Mister Gutsy, and automated wall turrets. The east entrance is flanked by a laser turret on the south side, while the south double door is flanked by a machine gun turret on its west side. Both of these turrets have line of sight to an approach from route 63, towards the eastern door, complicating efforts to clear the exterior of robots. The north door is locked with a level 2 skill check and is flanked by a powerful machine gun turret - 3 shot. Approaching from the west towards this door will give the player high ground and some cover from which they can attack relatively safely. A well-aimed grenade can take out the powerful turret with minimal risk.


The building is a multi-level structure with border rooms encircling a vaulted central room that houses the telescope. The building is seemingly filled with protectrons, a few higher level Mister Gutsies and an assaultron of the greatest strength among them. Navigating the dark building whilst dispatching the robot occupants can be difficult. Lower level players attacking solo should sneak carefully in order to engage one robot at a time. The building is full of loot and junk, including a Vault-Tec bobblehead in the main telescope room (see notable loot section).

Notable lootEdit


The ATLAS Observatory appears only in Fallout 76.



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