AMS corporate headquarters terminal entries are a series of entries found on terminals in the AMS corporate headquarters in Fallout 76.

CEO Kilson's terminalEdit



Partnership Report: RobCoEdit


RobCo continues to be excited about Watoga. We're footing the bulk of the cost, but I'm recommending to the board that we continue to approve expenses no matter how high they get.

Having the RobCo name attached to us in any way has proved invaluable when dealing with the politicians. We're also seeing the benefits of having a high-profile effort that deflects attention away from our other operations.

Partnership Report: HornwrightEdit


Hornwright Industrial continues to revolutionize its product lines, and we're going to be purchasing their Auto-Miners as fast as they can produce them.

I know some members of the board are still upset that our joint efforts with RobCo did not produce our own version of an automated mining robot, but Hornwright's experience with drilling applications proved to be the key lynchpin. They're just cheaper and faster to make than we were ever capable of doing ourselves.

Penny Hornwright also has history with our company, and I want to again emphasize that she did not steal anything during her internship here. On the contrary, all of our license agreements with Hornwright Industrial were signed thanks to her insistence. We're all benefiting from this partnership, so I need everyone to embrace the Hornwright Auto-Miner as our solution moving forward.

Ultracite R&D ReportEdit

  • Energy production from Ultracite continues to exceed expectations.

  • Depleted Ultracite disposal continues to be a problem. Contact with non-depleted Ultracite causes a corrosive reaction that melts both materials. Care has to be taken to contain all depleted Ultracite material after use to avoid contamination.

  • No explanation on why we failed to detect Ultracite in Mine Shaft No. 9. All previous measures ruled that site a failure. The sudden development of Ultracite there continues to confound all our previous assumptions.

  • The vein in No. 9 extending/bursting into the town of Welch has also had unintended consequences of a more political nature. Our friends in the state capitol are asking more questions at a time when we need to focus.

  • Answers on how Ultracite is created continues to be a top priority if we're ever going to take production to the national level.

Facilities terminalEdit



Security InstallationsEdit


They've ordered more turrets. No, I'm not kidding. Get them installed. And TRIPLE-check the IFF. I don't want any more accidents while the boss is on this security binge. He might not like visitors, but I don't want any more dead bodies on my watch.

Pneumatic Elevator EmergenciesEdit


Something needs to be done. This happens too often.

Tried increasing the vacuum pressure, but we crank that too high, well, it won't be pretty.

Maybe this is an HR problem and not a technical one.

Avoid the Radiation LabsEdit


I don't want any work crews going near the Radiation Labs on the second floor. None. Let the robots do the cleanup.

Trust me. You don't want to know why.

AMS front desk terminalEdit


Atomic Mining Services
Blowing Away the Competition

Department DirectoryEdit


Floor One - Lobby
Floor Two - Sales
Floor Three - Atomic Research
Floor Four - Automation
Floor Five - Human Resources
Floor Six - Management

Receptionist terminalEdit



Atomic Mining ServicesEdit


Here's the new spiel for anyone coming through looking for a tour. As always, do NOT mention Ultracite or the town of Welch.

""Atomic Mining Services is the industry leader in alternative drilling operations throughout Appalachia. By utilizing the power of controlled, nuclear detonations, AMS is able to mine the rich resources of this area deeper underground than ever before.

Our continued partnership with RobCo and Hornwright Industrial have resulted in such exciting projects as Watoga, the city of the future, and the Hornwright Auto-Miner, the future of automated mining.""

Pneumatic Elevator SystemEdit


Please reassure all guests that the Pneumatic Elevator System is completely safe.

Yes, they may experience some slight discomfort and vertigo as the elevator runs through a particularly stubborn part of the tube, but insist that it all serves the purposes of getting them to their meeting that much faster.



Michael from finance had another incident. I mean, hasn't he learned his lesson?

It's like he's doing it on purpose. Oh... do you think that's a possibility?

We should let him go before this becomes a true liability. I'll have HR draw up termination papers. Better safe than sorry.

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