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The AMS corporate headquarters is a location within Watoga. It is a high-rise tower housing the headquarters of the pre-War company Atomic Mining Services.


The seat of power of the mighty Atomic Mining Services corporation in the heart of Watoga, the headquarters building is a spire towering over all the other buildings in the city. Concealed within its thick, protective walls are laboratories where the corporation worked to unlock the full potential behind ultracite, its patented ore, and plotted to corner the energy market in the United States by leveraging it.[1] Their experiments included exposing mole rats[2] and cows[3] to heated ultracite and observing the mutations that occurred as a result of the radiation. However, they had trouble disposing of the ultracite once it had been depleted.[4] The records of their problems with disposal were vital in aiding the development of anti-Scorched weaponry when Hank Madigan investigated the building after the War.[5]

After the Great War, the Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel used the plaza in front of the HQ as a staging area during Touchdown, leaving behind a wrecked Vertibird and several dead brothers, but putting Paladin Lizzy Taggerdy a step closer to finding the source of the scorchbeasts.[6]


At the bottom of the location is a destroyed waiting area with an elevator leading to the main headquarters. The building has nine floors which are connected by a series of pneumatic tubes, not all of which are still operational. Once inside the building, the player character will experience low but steady amounts of radiation.


Directly in front of the elevator exit to the main lobby is a large Protectron model with a sign saying "Caution: This machine has no brain use your own." The elevator exit also faces a reception desk - a terminal sits on the desk and there is a locked floor safe (Picklock 2) behind it. Around the perimeter of the lobby are pneumatic tubes marked with the floors they are connected to. Green and red lights indicate whether the tubes are working or are out-of-order. Only the tubes to the third and top floor are working and the tube to the top floor is inaccessible.

Third floor

There are automated turrets all over the third floor which will automatically target the player character when they exit the pneumatic tube. The corpse of a yao guai which escaped its enclosure lies near one of the turrets. There is a locked security terminal (Hacker 1) on a raised area, however, it does not have the functionality to disable the security turrets. A corridor runs around the outside of the floor, leading to storage rooms, animal holding pens, and scientific test areas. The fourth floor can be accessed via a staircase at the end of the corridor.

Fourth floor

Directly in front of the staircase leading to the fourth floor is a room with lockers, scientific equipment, and a piece of ultracite scrap. There is a corridor leading right from the stairs which pass by some offices and a room with three fusion generators, one of which may hold a fusion core. A short flight of stairs at the end of the corridor leads to the fifth floor.

Fifth floor

The fifth floor has a large open area that looks down at the floors below. There is only one way to go which is along a walkway around the perimeter of the floor. The walkway first passes an employee break room with two Nuka-Cola machines, five cigarette machines containing caps, and a Port-A-Diner.

Secondly, the walkway passes by a large animal holding area behind a set of double doors in the northern section of the floor. A brahmin corpse and a mole rat corpse can be found in this holding area, as well as the skeletons of two scientists. On a shelf at the back of the room is a piece of ultracite scrap, two first aid boxes, two ammo boxes and two security batons.

The walkway finally passes two bathrooms in the southeast section of the floor before reaching a staircase which leads up to the next floor.

Sixth floor

The sixth floor is a small area that overlooks the third-floor atrium. It consists of a small storage area and another locked security terminal (Hacker 1).

Seventh floor

At the top of the staircase leading to the seventh floor is a water fountain, a cigarette machine, and a cramped office space with five desks squeezed inside. There is a small reception area containing the facilities terminal in front of the stairs leading to the eighth floor. There is a room connected to the reception area which contains three fusion generators, one of which may hold a fusion core.

Eighth floor

There are more machine gun turrets aimed at the top of the stairs to the eighth floor. They are situated on the floor above but will target the player character while they are on this floor. To the left of the staircase is a room with two more fusion generators, one of which may hold a fusion core.

CEO Kilson's office occupies the western edge of the eighth floor. Inside his office is his personal terminal, and an eyebot, Protectron, and Mr. Handy model on his shelf, along with one of the more rare undamaged American flag displays. He has a private bathroom adjoining his office which contains a dirty tan suit, toilet paper, soap, and a locked floor safe (Picklock 2).

An open flight of stairs in the middle of the floor leads to the building's top floor.

Top floor

There is a set of control panels directly east of the top of the staircase. Offices sit to the south and north but do not contain much of note. On the west side of the floor, several skeletons in suits sit around a large wooden boardroom table. A pile of pre-War money and three ultracite scraps sit in the center of the table and a locked safe (Picklock 3) sits on the ground next to it.

Beside the table is a pneumatic tube that will take the player character back to the lobby.

Basement lab

Notable loot

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The AMS corporate headquarters appears only in Fallout 76.