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AHS-7 is an aligned hub seeker and one of the leaders of the Hubologists in 2241.


He is AHS-9's second in command. He serves as the representative to San Francisco's Hubologist base and introduces newcomers into the cult. Similar to the Enlightened One, he is able to perform a zeta scan, which is necessary to join their sect.

Despite his higher ranking than most other Hubologists, he wears the same gray standard robes. His codename, "AHS-7" indicates that he has cleared seven levels of neurodynes from his spirit.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character starts quests.



Apparel Weapon Other items
Hubologist robes Stimpak


  • The zeta scan can be either positive or negative. If positive, it is a +1 Intelligence and +1 Luck. If not, a -1 Luck is given. These changes are permanent and random, requiring save-scumming. The scan also makes the Chosen One an AHS-1 Hubologist, so people in Chinatown will be less respectful. Some, such as Dr. Fung, the Dragon and Lo Pan may refuse conversation.
  • After getting the zeta scan from AHS-7, the slightly different zeta scan from the Enlightened One in the New California Republic cannot be gained.


AHS-7 appears only in Fallout 2.