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A.F.A.D. interrogation is a holotape in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


The tape can be found on top of the portable cabin in an AFAD duffle bag, behind the fusion reactor at the Angry Anaconda in the Safari Adventure.


Dr. Hein: Please, I don't know what you people want from me!

Chipmunk: Stop playing innocent, Dr. Hein. We know what's going on in that laboratory of yours.

Rabbit: Yeah, Hein. We know what's going on down there.

Chipmunk: You going to shut up and let me do this, Rabbit?

Rabbit: Sorry, Mike... I just want to scare the guy.

Robin: For gods sakes, Rabbit... you're supposed to use our code names.

Chipmunk: Both of you shut up! Now look, Dr. Hein. We know Bradberton has you performing cloning experiments on the animals you locked up in that torture chamber you call a lab.

Dr. Hein: I can assure you, we treat all of our specimens with the utmost respect. There's really no reason to keep me here against my will.

Chipmunk: Oh, that's where you're wrong, Dr. Hein. We brought you to the Angry Anaconda construction site for a very specific reason. As a supposed man of "science" how can you be so stupid to allow Bradberton to build this thing so close to where you're keeping the animals? Do you have any idea the lasting damage it will do to them?! Well, do you?

Dr. Hein: Look, why don't you just untie me, and then let me head back to the laboratory. I'll talk to Mr. Bradberton, and I'm sure we can all have this misunderstanding cleared up in no time.

Robin: Yeah, nice try, Hein. But you aren't going anywhere.

Rabbit: Hey, Mike? Ingrid? Something's going on outside.

Chipmunk: Sigh. What is it, Rabbit?

Rabbit: I don't know. People, running around everywhere. Maybe looking for us, maybe not. Looks pretty crazy.

Chipmunk: All right. Rabbit, stay with Dr. Hein. Robin, let's walk the perimeter of the place with Mouse and see what the hell is going on.


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