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For an overview of 9mm pistols in the Fallout universe, see 9mm pistol.

Mini-FOT Logo.pngThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.
One of the more common 9mm pistols, the Beretta is popular due to its reliability, 15 round magazine and good looks.Fallout Tactics description

The 9mm M9FS Beretta is a Small Guns skill weapon in Fallout Tactics.

Background[edit | edit source]

The 9mm M9FS Beretta was created in 1975 by the Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta, military-adopted in 1985, and officially entered service in 1990. It's a short recoil, semi-automatic, single-action/double-action pistol using a staggered box magazine of 15 cartridges caliber 9mm. It provides good accuracy up to 50 meters and it's also easy to clean. The Beretta is readily found in many places in the wasteland.

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