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For an overview of 7.62mm ammunition types in the Fallout series of games, see 7.62mm.
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7.62mm is a type of ammunition in Fallout Tactics.


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Two different real-life rifle cartridges designated "7.62mm" are used in the Fallout series. They are sometimes treated as interchangeable, as in Fallout Tactics.

The 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge consists of a bullet with a gilding metal jacket and a lead antimony slug. It is a boat tailed bullet (rear of bullet is tapered) and weighs 145 or 150 grains. The tip of the bullet is not colored. The base of the cartridge is stamped with the year of manufacture and a circle that has vertical and horizontal lines, sectioning it into quarters. Its spread (accuracy standard) for a 10-shot group is no more than 12 inches at 600 yards.

The 7.62x39mm is an intermediate cartridge of Soviet origin. It is most famous for being used by the AK-47 and its many clones and derivatives.


Unlike the Fallout 2 version, the 7.62mm round is undoubtedly one of the most important ammunition types in Fallout Tactics. They're used in the most common and most powerful small and big guns, and can be found almost anywhere in the game.

Weapons using this ammunitionEdit


  • 470 rounds on the raiders in Brahmin Wood.
  • 500 rounds available from Quartermaster Octavius after completion of the Brahmin Wood (mission);
  • 643 rounds available in the Freeport raiders camp;
  • 1400 rounds available in the Rock Falls raiders camp;
  • 1770 rounds on raiders in Macomb;
  • 100 rounds in Peoria during a search of a dead raider's corpse + 80 more in the dungeon;
  • In Quincy, 860 cartridges on Beastlords; another 100 on a friendly ghoul and 50 more can be found in the city;
  • In Mardin, 212 rounds on a Beastlord
  • A Springfield a significant number on raiders;
  • In St. Louis, 4570 rounds available from super mutants; 36 more can be found inside the destroyed bunker - in the trunk with the sniper rifle;
  • In Jefferson, 3250 rounds on super mutants, another 100 on turrets and 650 more can be found in drawers, cabinets and chests in the survey maps;
  • In Kansas City, a significant amount (about 5500) on super mutants, and another 450 in drawers, cabinets and chests in the survey maps;
  • A Osceolla, 6980 rounds on super mutants; 540 more can be found in the drawers and cupboards;
  • In Junction City 550 rounds on Reavers, another 50 pieces can be bought from merchant Juan and 50 more from Chuck;
  • In Coldwater 1160 rounds on deserters.
  • In Newton 2525 rounds on robots, another 300 rounds can be found on the workbench.
  • Canyon City - 17,150 on robots; 350 more can be found in the chest and on the bench.
  • In Buena Vista 4360 rounds on robots, another 150 can be found in the chest and another 100 pieces from a dying Percy.
  • In Scott City 700 pieces on robots.
  • Cheyenne Mountain - 300 rounds on three machine gun turrets, a few hundred rounds on the robots gunners.
  • Vault 0 - 200 rounds on the Dagger Squad; 160 more on two inactive turrets in the armory, and another 18,000 rounds on robot gunners.
  • Calculator's Lair - on multiple robots gunners
  • 20 cartridges can be purchased from Hermit in the Hermit (special encounter).
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