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546.14Hz ULF radio signal is a radio station that can be listened to in the Sierra Madre. It allows the player to eavesdrop on Dean Domino.

Act IEdit

Dean commenting on DogEdit

  • "A little slow, huh? Uh... Dean. Dean Domino. I... live here."
  • "All right, pal, you stay in your corner, I'll stay in mine. Do not leave me alone with this thing."
  • "Wait, so you're not just slow, you're screwy, too? {Rolls eyes} Some crew we are... we are never getting into the Sierra Madre."
  • "Don't like the way this guy is looking at me. You better be his leash."
  • "Where the hell did you get this one. "Dog?" What, so you don't forget your name?"
  • "Why are you so carved up - that a bear trap on your arm?"

Dean talking to himselfEdit

  • "You'd think it was Spring the way tourists keep rolling in."
  • "That one's got a head on their shoulders. For now."
  • "Hope that tourist is hurrying, haven't got all day."
  • "At least this one seems like a straight shooter. Or sucker."
  • "That tourist crosses me, they'll regret it. Even if they don't, they still might."
  • "Should never have set that radio signal on repeat."

Act IIEdit

Forced to stand and wait in a dangerous area, irritated about it (and worried).— Developer description
  • "That a bet you want to take? Cause I'll see that and raise you a few bullets to the skull."
  • "Hope you've got this one under control because he's giving me a nasty itch on my trigger finger."
  • "Didn't come all this way to get conned by some tourist."
  • "We'll see who's holding the cards in the end..."
  • "The joke's on you, "partners." You aren't getting to the prize without me."
  • "This is a fine how do you do."
  • "Should have blown up that seat cushion right when they sat down, would've been a better end than this."
  • "Just finish the last job, Dean. It's all you've wanted, just hang in there."
  • "Keep your head down, Dean, don't let the locals see you."
  • "Town's going to be filled with Ghosts when the sky lights up."
Forced to stand and wait in a dangerous area, but confident in the player.— Developer description
  • "Sinclair, you better appreciate all I do to screw you over."
  • "That tourist is better than most. Probably won't matter."
  • "The linked collars is a new trick. Can't say I like it much."
  • "Waiting for the fireworks. {Beat} Just like last time."
  • "Can't wait to see their faces when they find out what the lock is. Just gotta wait 'em out."
  • "Place is going to be swarming with the masks when the sky lights up."
Dean is commenting on fireworks display in the sky, the Grand Opening of the Sierra Madre. Mixed feelings about it.— Developer description

  • "Not much time to get to the gates before they shut the door and turn folks away."
  • "Holy Mary, Mother, and Joe - now there's a show."
  • "All right, now - I'm out of here."
  • "If the Ghost People didn't know we were here before, they know now."
  • "Someone struck up the band. A band of tortured cats."
  • "What kind of casino has two Grand Openings?"
  • "This is your last hurrah, Sinclair, I promise you."
  • "Just my luck."
  • "Luck's finally shining down on me."
  • "You wait, beautiful. Keep that gate open for me, Dean'll be there soon."
  • "Sierra Madre, sweetheart, Dean's coming home."
  • "Stop looking at me, you idiot. I can hear your stomach growling from here, I don't like it."

Act IIIEdit

  • "Got to say this for Sinclair, he sure knew how to keep things locked down, the tight-assed prick."
  • "Where the hell did everyone else go?"
  • "Wonder what happened to the suckers. Might have gotten taken away, like I did? Hnh."
  • "Hnh. Theater's almost the same as it was."
  • "Not going to be performing here again, that's for sure."
  • "First time on stage in a hundred years, and it has to be this?"
  • "Need some help here... and that audience is not looking friendly."
  • "Hope my partner fared better than I did... better not have left me high and dry, get-even's not going to be pretty."
  • "That audience... better lay low, get a feel for the crowd."
  • "Good thing, someone walks in here, they're toast."
  • "I am out of here... well, not to the Villa, just out of the damn theater first chance I get."
  • "This place... hasn't changed at all."
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