For an overview of 5.56mm ammunition types in various Fallout games, see 5.56mm round.


The 5.56mm round is a type of ammunition in Fallout 3.


Relatively speaking, the 5.56mm round is the third most common small guns ammunition found in the game, compared to the .32 caliber round and 10mm round. After The Waters of Life, the 5.56 round becomes more common as enemies will use assault rifles more often than .32 hunting rifles. The 5.56mm rounds' world model is a black box magazine (resembling the magazines from the Chinese assault rifle).

Weapons using this ammunition


5.56 rounds are typically found on raiders, the Talon Company mercs, and at super mutant camps. Notable areas to search include the ruins of Washington, D.C. and the Metro tunnels underneath the Downtown area. However, 5.56 rounds appear to be scarce early in the game. Large amounts of 5.56 rounds can be acquired quickly through several means:

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