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5.56 rounds are a type of ammunition in Fallout 76.


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The 5.56x45mm round is a rifle cartridge derived from the .223 round, originally developed for the M16 service rifle of the United States Army.[Non-game 1][Non-game 2] It is a rimless, bottleneck cartridge that offers tremendous wounding potential under the right condition. Its performance and popularity among military forces endures despite the Great War. By 2287, it has served Americans for over two centuries and continues to be used by factions throughout the wasteland, whether they are organized forces like the New California Republic Army and the Gunners, or simply ragtag raider groups.


The 5.56mm round is a fifty-five grain rimless hollow-point cartridge. Being produced by Circle G ammunition, the rounds came packaged in twenty count green and orange boxes. 5.56mm rounds are mid-sized cartridges making them ideal for weapons such as the assault rifle.


Standard 5.56 rounds
Ultracite 5.56 rounds

Weapons using this ammunition[]



With the Ammosmith perk or Ammo Factory legendary perk, the crafted amount of rounds increase incrementally, coinciding with the perk's added percentages, crafting more rounds for the same amount of materials.




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  2. Fallout Official Survival Guide p.119: ".223 Full Metal Jacket (FMJ): This is the same ammo used in the late 20th century by various military rifles, including the M-16. A good, basic, hard-hitting round."