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40mm grenade rounds are a type of ammunition in Fallout 76.


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The 40mm grenade offers the operator the ability to deliver a large caliber explosive round to the target with very manageable recoil. The 40mm grenade achieves this by first igniting the propellant in a cup-shaped high-pressure chamber, which then breaks through the copper cover, venting into a low-pressure chamber and propelling the grenade out of its shell and towards the target.


The M433 40mm grenade is a high explosive round which explodes on impact. The grenades are fired in an arc either from the M79 grenade launcher or auto grenade launcher.


Oil (3)
Spring (3)
Steel (6)
Build at:
Learn Method:
Known by default
Ammosmith (optional)
Ammo Factory (optional)
40mm grenade round (5)

Weapons using this ammunition



  • With the Ammosmith perk or Ammo Factory legendary perk, the crafted amount of 40mm grenades increase incrementally, coinciding with the perk's added percentages, crafting more grenades for the same amount of materials.
  • When launched, 40mm grenades produce a whistling sound effect.