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This is a transcript for dialogue with Private O'Hanrahan.


GREETING GREETING Happy 50 It sure is nice to see everybody working together like family. Maybe now the baby Jesus won't cry his self to sleep every night. 1
GREETING Happy 50 Shooting guns is real scary, but I think I got the hang of it now! 2
GREETING Anger 50 Razz said the candy he got us was special! I wonder what he- {sudden, psychotic break} Gnaaah, kill, kill, rip and kill! -{right back to normal} meant by that? 3
GREETING Happy 50 Poindexter says all our troubles is over now, and we won't have to go to war. I guess that's good, but I don't understand why. 4
GREETING Fear 50 Is it true? The big boss ranger done killed his self? 5
GREETING Happy 50 Howdy, great to see you! 6
GREETING Happy 50 Y'all sure are a big ol' hero. I gotta wright my mama and tell her I met you! 7
GREETING Fear 25 Uh, howdy. Are you gonna be mean or nice this time? 8
GREETING Fear 25 You scare and confuse me, and I think you should be nicer to people. 9
GREETING Anger 30 Go away, you big bully! 10
GREETING Fear 50 {Frightened} Ahhh! Somebody call in the Rangers! 11
GREETING Happy 25 Howdy. 12
MagsShapeUp1 How's that human niceness working out? Happy 50 Boy, the squad sure is working together a lot better now! I think we're gonna be A-Okay! 13
Sgt. McCredie asked me to talk to you about getting your squad in shape. Happy 20 To me? Well, I'll tell you what I think this squad needs: a little more basic human niceness. 14
I thought about what you said about basic human niceness. Happy 15 You did? Does that mean you're going to help? 15
OHanrahanArmy How'd you end up in the Army? Sad 30 Well, as it turns out, we had a string of bad harvests a few years back. Pa said he couldn't afford to feed but three youngins, or we'd starve. 16
Sad 15 As the biggest one it was my job to go join the Army so's my sisters could eat and so's we wouldn't all be killed by raiders and Jesus would love us. 17
Fear 25 It's all right, I guess. I don't like all the fighting we gotta do, though. 18
OHanrahanCampGolf What do you think of Camp Golf? Happy 35 Oh, it's a fine place. The lake is real {purty} pretty, and we don't get bothered much by them Legion fellers. 19
OHanrahanFighting Why are you so afraid of fighting? Fear 40 I ain't scared! I just don't like hurting folks, is all. Ma always used to tell me "boy, you're the biggest and the strongest, so you mind yourself!" 20
Sad 20 Every day she told me that. Guess I done took it to heart. 21
OHanrahanHistory Tell me a little more about yourself. Neutral 50 Well, I was born on a farm out in California. Weren't much - me, Ma and Pa, my two sisters and about 40 acres of corn and brahmin. 22
Neutral 50 Didn't never have no problems really, except for some lean years. Then I joined up and got shipped out here to New Vegas. 23
OHanrahanMisfits Can you tell me about your squadmates? Happy 25 They're mostly pretty nice - Poindexter showed me how to make fireworks! Razz kinda scares me sometimes, but I don't mind. He's had a hard life. 24
VFreeformCampGolf2COHanrahanTopic003 Yes, it's true. I don't know why. Neutral 50 Some folks just ain't cut out for Army life, I guess. 25
VFreeformCampGolf2COHanrahanTopic004 Yes, but it's a classified secret. Don't tell anybody. Neutral 50 Oh, don't worry! I won't! 26
VFreeformCampGolf2COHanrahanTopic005 Yes. He was sabotaging the Army to force the NCR to go home. Neutral 50 Well that don't make no sense. We came all this way; why don't he want to stay? It's nice here. 27
VFreeformCampGolf2COHanrahanTopic006 Human niceness? Sad 25 That's right. Folks just don't talk to other folks, and everybody's always cross with each other. 28
VFreeformCampGolf2COHanrahanTopic007 That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Sad 25 Maybe you just ain't had a healthy dose of human niceness in a while. 29
VFreeformCampGolf2COHanrahanTopic008 What do you mean? Sad 25 Folks just don't talk to other folks, and everybody's always cross with each other. 30
VFreeformCampGolf2COHanrahanTopic009 So you think I should find ways to convince the Misfits to get along? Happy 20 That'd be swell. Only, if they knew the idea came from me, they probably wouldn't take you serious no more, so maybe you oughta think about it first. 31
Sad 10 And I sure hope you're more convincing than I am, or they ain't gonna listen. 32
VFreeformCampGolf2COHanrahanTopic010 Okay, I'll try to convince them. Happy 50 Okay! 33
VFreeformCampGolf2COHanrahanTopic011 On second thought, I'll ask around first. Happy 20 Whatever you think's best. 34


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Toodle-oo! 35