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This is a transcript for dialogue with Sergeant McCredie.


BitterSpringsTroopers Captain Gilles at Bitter Springs needs reinforcements. Can you spare any? Anger 45 {Angry drill sergeant} Who the hell are you, coming in here and asking me if I can "spare any?" I don't hand out NCR troopers to anybody who wanders out of the Wasteland! 1
Captain Gilles at Bitter Springs needs reinforcements. Can you spare any? Happy 20 {Gruff but pleased} Hey, you're a damn fine soldier, and word on the grapevine is that you're already some kind of hero. You got yourself a deal. 2
Captain Gilles at Bitter Springs needs reinforcements. Can you spare any? Happy 30 {Gruff but pleased} After what you did getting my misfits whipped into shape? Yeah, I can spare a couple of boys for Bitter Springs. I'll issue the dispatch orders. 3
GREETING GREETING Surprise 50 Hell of a thing about Chief Hanlon. I never would have guessed he was capable of it. 4
GREETING Surprise 10 I've been hearing some rumors from the Embassy that Mr. House has gone quiet all of a sudden. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you? 5
GREETING Happy 35 Nice work dealing with Caesar. That'll make holding the Mojave a lot easier. 6
GREETING Happy 50 Have you seen these elite rangers they sent us from California? God damn those boys are gonna kick some ass! 7
GREETING Happy 50 Nice work with that assassination attempt! If my troops were half as dedicated as you, we'd win the war in a week! 8
GREETING Anger 25 Looks like the President's security detail was too good for you, huh, shitbird? 9
GREETING Anger 50 You oughta die for what you did. 10
GREETING Sad 30 Not like I even voted for him, but losing the President's a hell of a morale killer. 11
GREETING Disgust 35 I just got word that 1st Recon is being mobilized to Nelson. God forbid we get any reinforcements here, right? 12
GREETING Surprise 20 Seems the Misfits scored pretty well on their readiness evaluations. That strikes me as... suspicious. 13
GREETING Happy 20 I gotta admit, I'm impressed. The Misfits are drilling better than I ever expected. 14
GREETING Surprise 25 I'm not sure what's going on with the Misfits - their accuracy is in the toilet, but they're spoiling for a fight like I ain't never seen. 15
GREETING Happy 10 Well, their test scores are only marginally improved, but I'm hearing good things about the Misfits' teamwork. 16
GREETING Anger 20 Ah, hell, what is it now? 17
GREETING Happy 10 {Pleased to see the player} What can I do for you? 18
GREETING Disgust 10 You here to help, or just dick around all day? 19
GREETING Happy 35 {Very pleased to see the player} Hot damn, look who it is! 20
GREETING Disgust 35 {Frazzled and annoyed} Oh, great, like I don't have enough problems! 21
GREETING Anger 10 {Cold} What the hell do you want? 22
GREETING Anger 35 What the hell do you want, you vicious son of a bitch? 23
GREETING Anger 35 What the hell do you want, you vicious bitch? 24
GREETING Neutral 50 So you're back. What else do you want? 25
McCredieArmy How do you like serving in the Army? Happy 15 Man, it's my life. I joined up when I was 16 - I don't know how to do anything else. 26
McCredieCampGolf How'd you end up at Camp Golf? Happy 20 I've been here since the first push into Vegas. Back in the day, this camp was the hotspot for conflicts with the Legion, raider tribes, you name it. 27
Anger 10 These days, I spend most of my time trying to beat a little discipline into the soldiers under my command. They've gotten soft with no action. 28
McCredieMisfits Sounds like you're a little disappointed in your troops. Disgust 30 Disappointed? We call 'em the Misfits for a reason. They're undisciplined, lazy, and they have absolutely no espirit de corps. 29
Sad 20 The squad leader's got some promise, kid named Mags, but as for the rest...{Trails off} I don't see much hope. 30
Surprise 20 I'm going to make them shape up if it kills me, though. Or them, for that matter. 31
VFreeformCampGolf2CMagsTopic003 You joined at 16 and you're still a sergeant? Anger 15 Yeah, well... I didn't want to get promoted out of the field. I didn't join up to drive a desk. 32
VFreeformCampGolf2CMagsTopic004 That's some dedication. Happy 20 Thanks. I only wish some of the soldiers under my command would share some of it. 33
VFreeformCampGolf2CMcCredieTopic000 Funny, I thought this was where they sent washouts and losers. Anger 40 Yeah, well, somebody has to wrangle those washouts and losers. Somebody's got to turn them into a real fighting force. 34
VFreeformCampGolf2CMcCredieTopic001 So what do you do now that the fighting's died down? Happy 10 Mostly drill the troops, try to keep the discipline up and combat readiness high. 35
Anger 10 It's not the easiest job in the world - soldiers without a mission get bored very easily. 36
Fear 10 Still, with the Legion just across the river, we have to be ready. 37
VFreeformCampGolf2CMcCredieTopic002 Maybe I can help you whip them into shape. Surprise 25 You're welcome to try - hell, maybe they'll listen to somebody they don't see as an authority figure. 38
VFreeformCampGolf2CMcCredieTopic003 Tough luck. If the Legion attacks, they're dead meat. Surprise 20 I'd be skeptical of the odds, myself. I just hope they figure it out before it comes to that. 39
VFreeformCampGolf2CMcCredieTopic008 If they don't, it's their loss. Sad 20 I suppose so. Sorry, this isn't your problem, I shouldn't be going on to you about this. 40


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 {Irritated, busy} Yeah, whatever. 41