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This is a transcript for dialogue with Chief Hanlon.


GREETING GREETING Anger 35 {serious} I don't believe there's anything left for us to talk about. 1
GREETING Sad 35 Go on. Go fetch a ranger and do this right. 2
GREETING Happy 25 Sorting and manipulating intelligence is what I do. It's what rangers are supposed to do. 3
Happy 45 {joking a bit} This job isn't all gunfighting and gulping shots of whiskey, no matter what the boys and ladies out there say. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 I'm occupied at the moment. Come see me when I'm on the balcony. 5
GREETING Happy 40 Back west, you don't see too many of these. Lakes, I mean. Natural or man-made. Any kind, really. 6
Happy 15 We neglected the dams or pumped all the water out a long time ago. Owens, Isabella, the San Luis. Drained the aquifers of everything they had. 7
Neutral 50 Just a lot of mud and dust now. It's a different feeling, watching the sun come up over the water. Takes some getting used to. 8
Sad 20 But if you're here long enough, it starts to seem normal. That's what a ranger's life is now. Looking east. 9
GREETING Happy 10 You've come back to see the chief. Nice of you to humor the radio tender. What can I do for you? 10
GREETING Sad 5 Like I said, I won't run out on you, but I can't let my people get dragged through the mud for this. 11
Sad 10 You did good and you did it well. Work a ranger would be proud of. I'll handle the rest from here. 12
HanlonConfession HanlonConfession Neutral 50 Rangers, this is the chief. I know I can ramble on sometimes, but I need you to listen close for the next minute or so. I've got some bad news. 13
Neutral 50 I messed up. Made a mistake. I thought I could help get us out of here, but... it didn't work out. 14
Neutral 50 Rangers get injured all the time. It's part of the job. But if you lose a few fingers, get a bad break, that's it. You step down. 15
Neutral 50 We rely on each other too much to let our infirmities become a liability. A ranger knows when it's time. Only I didn't. 16
Neutral 50 Somewhere along the way, something broke inside me. I couldn't find us a way out of this desert. I wrestled with it, and it took me down a dark road. 17
Neutral 50 I wish I could explain it to you. The old chief's finally at a loss for words. 18
Neutral 50 Send me all the Legion you can. I'll be waiting for them. 19
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic012 Tell me about yourself. Happy 35 Folks around here call me the chief{han-luhn} , but Hanlon's just fine. The rangers run themselves pretty well, but I try to lend a hand. 20
Neutral 50 Mostly administrative work, helping coordinate intel on the radio. That and keeping an eye on the fires growing across the water. 21
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic015 Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Shoot. 22
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic016 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Adios. 23
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic025 What do you know about Caesar? Neutral 50 The best of the best, worst of the worst. He came out of NCR, one of the Followers of the Apocalypse. 24
Neutral 50 Like a lot of the Followers, he went out in the wilderness with a partner to try to help those who needed helping. 25
Sad 35 Not much different from how the rangers used to be, except with books and medicine instead of guns. 26
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic029 How is NCR doing? Sad 25 It's no secret that we've had better campaigns. Holding this whole length of river isn't easy. 27
Neutral 50 We're stretched thin and the Long 15 just keeps getting longer. Slow to get supplies. Slower to get reinforcements. 28
Anger 20 NCR's senate has got funds tied up at the Boneyard and President Kimball ordered our most experienced rangers to chase ghosts down in Baja. 29
How is NCR doing? Neutral 50 Even Caesar knows that General Oliver's coming back to Hoover. Colonel Moore's doing a fine job of running things over at the dam. 30
Happy 25 In her own way, of course, when she's not trying to wrangle my rangers into helping her. 31
Neutral 50 But just keeping that dam secure and operational day to day is enough work for one person, never mind building a defense against the Legion. 32
How is NCR doing? Neutral 50 Mojave Outpost sent word through the stations. The rangers coming up from Baja moved through Dayglow a week ago. 33
Happy 5 Some of the patrol rangers have reported that Oliver's power armor heavy troopers are starting to reinforce the front lines. 34
Neutral 50 Wish they got here a bit earlier, but that's the senate for you. 35
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic030 What's the Legion been up to? Neutral 50 Not too long ago, they took Nelson and Searchlight. 36
Anger 5 They've got some camps on the eastern shore of the Colorado, and the monstrosity on the hill across the lake - that's for Caesar. 37
Neutral 50 Some folks don't believe he's here yet, but you can tell. He's the eye of the storm. It all roils and spins around him. 38
Anger 5 You don't have to see the man to see the effect he has. 39
What's the Legion been up to? Neutral 50 Intel says the legate's coming. {lan-ee-us} Lanius. They call him the Monster of the East. If he's half as bad as Graham was, we're in for a heck of a fight. 40
Neutral 50 With Caesar and a new legate here, the Legion's not going to fall for the same old bag of tricks. 41
What's the Legion been up to? Fear 5 Word is that the Legion's old timers have shown up, Caesar's veterans from the Red Okie {sen-tur-ee-ah} Centuria and what was the Painted Rock tribe. 42
Neutral 50 They're the best of the best and the baddest of the bad. Short of a centurion or {pray-tor-ee-an} praetorian, they don't come any tougher. 43
Neutral 50 You come across a pack of them, weigh your options carefully. 44
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic031 Tell me about the rangers. Happy 5 I could tell you a lot if you had the time, but at my age I'm not sure which of us would get tired first. What do you want to know? 45
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic032 Do you ever stop talking? Surprise 35 I didn't realize you were in such a hurry. 46
Neutral 50 I get so used to sitting in this chair and listening to radio reports, sometimes I forget people are getting ready for a war out there. 47
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic033 I'm investigating some intel problems for Technical Sergeant Reyes. Anger 25 Interesting that she would wrangle someone else into sorting out the problem. 48
Happy 25 But I suppose you're in the right place. A lot of intel comes through here. 49
I'm investigating some intel problems for Technical Sergeant Reyes. Anger 50 This again? All right. What do you want to know? 50
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic034 I know you're the one who's been manipulating intelligence data. Sad 35 Hold on. If we're going to have this conversation, let's go somewhere more private. 51
Happy 25 {joking a bit} Don't worry. Not much bite left in this old dog. 52
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic035 Do you know anything about the problems? Surprise 35 I don't know Technical Sergeant {ray-ess} Reyes, but coordinating intel can be messy sometimes. Things get mixed up, people get confused. 53
Happy 25 Heck, I get confused and I've been doing this for a long time now. What he - or she - sees as a problem might be standard operating procedure. 54
Happy 35 That's not to say Reyes is wrong for being concerned, but it's easy for the sand to get in your eyes out here. 55
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic036 Can you give me any advice? Neutral 50 Well... {thinking} the logical thing to do is to check with the patrol rangers and comm officers. Don't be too discouraged if some things don't match up. 56
Happy 35 Different people see different things, and sometimes the meaning gets twisted, lost in static from person to person. 57
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic037 How do you coordinate the intel? Neutral 50 It's a simple system, when it works. Patrol rangers radio intel to ranger stations. 58
Neutral 50 Comm rangers send the intel up the station chain until it reaches Camp Golf. 59
Neutral 50 Then I or one of the other rangers on duty organize the data, evaluate it, and send information to camps or troopers in the field. 60
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic038 Why don't the ranger stations send the intel directly to the troopers? Neutral 50 Comm rangers might have an incomplete picture of the situation. There's a lot going on out there. 61
Neutral 50 Intel needs to be coordinated through Golf so we can verify and advise appropriately. 62
Anger 25 Troopers have enough to deal with. We don't want them questioning their intel. 63
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic039 But you're inventing your own intelligence reports. I've seen the logs and talked to the rangers. Happy 35 {smiling a bit} You have, have you? {Beat, more somber} Misdirection. When you're pinned down, outnumbered, and two days from any help, it's just about the best friend you can have. 64
Sad 45 Misdirection's what's saved me all these years. It's what saved us at Hoover Dam. But it's been five years now and {see-zar's} Caesar's right across that lake. 65
Anger 35 He's closer now than he ever was before. {bit angry} I was a young man once. I know what it's like to want to fight for your home, but this isn't it. 66
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic040 Why did you do it? Sad 50 It's never going to end. This fight with Caesar. People back home don't know what these young men and women are in for. 67
Sad 50 The Legion is the worst enemy we've ever faced, but we can't stop Caesar here, not without getting a lot of good people killed. 68
Sad 65 More than anyone cares to count up. And even if we do stop him, I don't see how we're ever going to be able to pull out. 69
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic041 Aren't you fighting for the people of New Vegas? Anger 35 We're fighting on their behalf, but Mr. House and the families are stringing us up, inch by inch. 70
Anger 50 They'll drain us dry while we fight and die over this dam. We offered them sanctuary in NCR territory before, but they won't listen. 71
Disgust 25 Troopers and rangers have been dying here for more than five years while the families sit pretty behind that... damned wall. 72
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic042 How does spreading false intel help anything? Anger 45 {exasperated} People back home don't listen. They don't care. Senators, Brahmin barons, folks who are just trying to make it from day to day. 73
Sad 35 It's been so many years that people forget about it. Conscription brings in fresh troops to die here every month. Like it's routine. 74
Anger 25 {getting more worked up} And even if we hold this dam, what then? Are we going to send the NCR's men and women to die here for another five years? Ten? 75
Sad 25 Patrol the whole length of the Colorado for hundreds of miles? Holding this dam. {pause, downbeat} It'll be the death of us. 76
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic043 What do you think I should do about this? Sad 25 First thing that comes to mind is to turn me in. But that might not be the best play, all things considered. 77
Fear 25 Even if your heart's in the right place, I reckon it might do a lot more harm than good. 78
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic044 You're dead. Surprise 50 Hold on. This is ranger headquarters. There might be a dozen rangers within earshot. 79
Surprise 25 Think twice before you decide to give the old chief a gut full of lead. 80
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic046 But what does that accomplish? Sad 35 {pause, quieter} Creating fear and instability among the troopers without causing harm, it's the only thing I could think of to shake things up. 81
Sad 50 It took some people getting killed to realize I had gone too far. I had to stop. 82
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic047 Too bad. I'm turning you in. Anger 15 Fair enough. You want to do this the right way, go get one of the rangers. Don't worry. I'm not gonna run out on you. 83
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic048 What will you do if I don't turn you in? Neutral 50 Oliver can't stand that rangers got credit for victory at Hoover. Whatever I recommend, he does the opposite. I said I wanted them on the ridge. 84
Sad 35 He put them right on the western part of the dam itself. We don't have enough firepower to hold that spot. 85
Pained 25 If the troopers fall back, and they will, the rangers will advance to cover Oliver's retreat. We lose the dam, Oliver and the senate are ruined. 86
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic049 What about you and the rangers? Anger 25 Rangers are volunteers. Every man and woman who signs up is willing to die for the NCR, myself included. 87
Sad 50 A lot of this is my fault. It's only right that I stand with them. 88
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic050 That's crazy. Anger 35 Maybe fifty rangers will die on that dam. We lose over a thousand troopers every year. Being here is crazy. Getting out's the only sane thing to do. 89
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic051 Caesar's dead. The Legion can't hold itself together for five years, much less ten. Fear 35 It's a gamble either way. Even with Caesar gone, we still might not outlast the Legion. I suppose that's a risk I'll have to take. 90
Neutral 50 For our sake, I hope you're right. I guess I should thank you for bringing me to my senses. So... thanks. 91
Anger 15 Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to walk out that door and pretend we never had this talk. 92
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic052 Caesar's sick. He won't live long. The Legion will fall apart a few years after he's gone. Fear 35 It's a gamble either way. Even with Caesar gone, we still might not outlast the Legion. I suppose that's a risk I'll have to take. 90
Neutral 50 For our sake, I hope you're right. I guess I should thank you for bringing me to my senses. So... thanks. 91
Anger 15 Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to walk out that door and pretend we never had this talk. 92
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic053 Caesar's dead. What more do you need? Anger 25 {a little angry} The Legion is more than just Caesar! It's got the momentum of thousands of men behind it. 93
Anger 20 They're not just going to roll off into Arizona if we give them a good shove. 94
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic054 Caesar is sick. Like... really sick. He could drop any day. Anger 25 {a little angry} The Legion is more than just Caesar! It's got the momentum of thousands of men behind it. 93
Anger 20 They're not just going to roll off into Arizona if we give them a good shove. 94
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic055 You've convinced me. Your secret is safe. Fear 5 I don't know if you're working for Caesar or if desperation's made me a heck of a lot more persuasive. Either way, this is the right thing to do. 95
Neutral 50 Now, I trust we're done discussing this. I'm going to step through that door and pretend like we never had this talk. 96
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic058 Doesn't matter. Your time's up, Hanlon. Sad 25 Well, you got that right. 97
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic059 Fires? Sad 25 Legion fires. They burn high wherever the Legion goes. 98
Anger 25 Caesar's a hard man to figure out, but he always wants you to know when more troops are at your front door. 99
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic060 Where did he go? Neutral 50 Out to the Grand Canyon. He met a missionary from Utah, a man by the name of Joshua Graham. Graham helped translate for the Followers and the tribes. 100
Neutral 50 All three of them got nabbed by the Blackfoots down there, back when they were still at war with every other tribe in the southwest. 101
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic061 How did a Follower wind up becoming Caesar? Neutral 50 Somewhere along the way, he realized he needed to educate the Blackfoots or they were going to get wiped out with the rest of the tribe. 102
Neutral 50 Showed them how to use guns, how to make explosives. Once he taught the Blackfoots a thing or two, they needed him. 103
Anger 25 And he no longer needed the Followers, NCR, or anyone else. He decided he could remake the tribes of the southwest, whether they wanted it or not. 104
Sad 25 He became Caesar and Joshua Graham became his legate, his right hand. And that's where Graham stayed until Hoover Dam. 105
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic062 What happened to Graham after Hoover Dam? Neutral 50 Losing the dam was the worst defeat the Legion ever suffered. Graham had been with Caesar since the beginning, but he had to set an example. 106
Neutral 50 The praetorians covered Graham in pitch, lit him on fire, and down into the Grand Canyon he went. 107
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic063 Are the Blackfoots part of the Legion? Neutral 50 Yes and no. The Blackfoots don't exist anymore, just like any other tribe that gets swallowed by the Legion. 108
Disgust 25 Caesar takes the tribal out of the tribe. Scrapes and burns off tattoos, breaks up families, forces mixed breeding so all the old loyalties die away. 109
Disgust 45 The only tribe in the Legion is the Legion. Caesar is their chief, father, and god all rolled into one. 110
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic064 So that was the end of Graham? Neutral 50 It's not that clear cut. You have to understand, Graham was the toughest son of a gun anyone around these parts had ever seen. 111
Neutral 50 Before Hoover, we had five kill reports on Graham from rangers and 1st Recon sharpshooters who tried to take him out. 112
Fear 25 Some folks think he's still alive, call him the Burned Man. 113
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic065 Why are funds tied up at the Boneyard? Disgust 25 Senate elections are coming up. Local representatives don't want to push any more funding to the Mojave campaign because it's unpopular. 114
Disgust 25 Most of the folks around the Boneyard haven't been to New Vegas and probably never will. 115
Sad 25 All they know is that their money gets sucked away to this desert and their brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters die here. 116
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic066 What's going on in Baja? Neutral 50 It's complicated. Goes way back. I told President Kimball that we need more rangers here. 117
Anger 20 He accepted that, but took the most experienced ones and sent them south. Patrol rangers are good men and women, but we're about to fight a war. 118
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic067 What about the troopers? Anger 25 You've seen it yourself. Some of them don't even have proper service rifles or armor. 119
Anger 30 Our heavy infantry, power armor units, they're back in NCR territory protecting the interests of Brahmin barons against small-time raiders. 120
Neutral 50 Brahmin barons only have one vote at the ballot box, but they have a lot of money to throw around. 121
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic068 Tell me about General Oliver. Surprise 30 Oh, well... now, you'll have to excuse me. The general and I don't always see eye to eye on things. 122
Neutral 50 Maybe it's best that I just say that he is a trooper, through and through. The man will not give up an inch for anything, least of all to the Legion. 123
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic069 Colonel Moore's "way"? Neutral 50 The colonel is an effective commander - one of the best - but she sharpened her claws on the Vipers and the old Jackals. 124
Neutral 50 Did four tours against the Brotherhood, too. She used to be ranger until an injury took her out of action. Happens to a lot of us, unfortunately. 125
Pained 25 She's better at making graves than making friends. Bring in Moore and the earth will be razed. Fields will be salted. 126
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic070 Is Moore in charge of all the NCR troopers out here? Happy 5 No, and thanks to General Oliver for that. Colonel {shoo} Hsu is at McCarran. Most of the New Vegas troopers are under his command. 127
Neutral 50 He's more sympathetic to the locals than Moore, but he's got the Fiends to deal with. 128
Is Moore in charge of all the NCR troopers out here? Happy 5 No, and thanks to General Oliver for that. Colonel {shoo} Hsu is at McCarran. Most of the New Vegas troopers are under his command. 129
Neutral 50 He's more sympathetic to the locals than Moore. Now that the Fiends aren't giving him grief, we should see more troopers assigned to the front lines. 130
Happy 5 Good work on that, by the way. Hope you got good bounties out of it. 131
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic071 What do the new rangers mean for NCR? Neutral 50 The Baja rangers can do more advance night scouting and sharpshooting to assist the troopers. 132
Neutral 50 Ranger combat helmets are old Pre-War gear. They have built in low-light optics. Makes a big difference. 133
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic072 Tell me about the heavy troopers. Neutral 50 They have the best equipment the NCR can get its hands on, power armor salvaged from our war with the Brotherhood. 134
Neutral 50 Techs strip out the joint servos so you don't need special training to wear it. 135
Happy 5 It feels like you're carrying a Brahmin on your back, but it can take a heck of a lot of punishment. 136
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic073 Tell me about Nelson. Neutral 50 Nelson was barely set up. We had a big stretch of unprotected land between Forlorn Hope and Searchlight, and Nelson was the solution. 137
Neutral 50 A {deh-can-us} decanus named Dead Sea took the place and caused a lot of damage. 138
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic074 What happened at Searchlight? Sad 15 Searchlight was worse. One of Caesar's {froo-men-tar-ee} frumentarii must have found something in there, flooded the whole camp with radiation. 139
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic075 [Continue] Happy 5 By the way, I appreciate what you did for the troopers down there. 140
Neutral 50 Nelson might not be the most strategically important place, but taking Dead Sea out means a lot to them. 141
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic076 [Continue] Sad 5 I can't say I think the legionaries at Cottonwood deserved the same fate, but what's done is done. 142
Neutral 50 Thanks to you, that's one less pack of slavers for people to worry about. 143
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic077 Why do they call Lanius the Monster of the East? Neutral 50 Oh, the usual reasons. People say he's enormous, carries a big sword, chops peoples' heads off. That's not what makes him a good commander, though. 144
Neutral 50 Folks say he came from a heck of a tough tribe, took Caesar a long time to conquer. It was thanks to Lanius. 145
Neutral 50 But once Caesar broke him, he was born again. He'll go anywhere and do anything to win. Legion says he can smell weakness. 146
Neutral 50 Once he finds out where an army's vulnerable, he'll go to it like a dog for the throat. 147
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic078 How bad was Graham? Neutral 50 He was a missionary from Utah who hooked up with Caesar at the Grand Canyon, became his translator. 148
Neutral 50 Graham helped Caesar with the Blackfoots after they got captured together. Up until Hoover Dam, he was Caesar's legate. 149
Sad 20 You wouldn't think a man of god could turn so brutal. Cruel to his opponents. Did the sort of things that make you sick to talk about. 150
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic079 Was Graham a good commander? Neutral 50 He wasn't a brilliant strategist. Wasn't tactically flexible, either. There was something about him, though. Menace, indestructibility. 151
Neutral 50 It made everyone afraid of him. Heck, the praetorians burned Graham four years ago and some of the tribes are still afraid of him. 152
Fear 5 They say the Burned Man still walks the land, blackens the earth wherever he sets foot. 153
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic080 What makes the veterans so tough? Neutral 50 Take a regular legionary and age him ten years. Whatever they lose to age they make up for with experience. Life expectancy isn't long in the Legion. 154
Neutral 50 You live ten years in Caesar's army, you're a force to be reckoned with. 155
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic081 Tell me about centurions. Neutral 50 There's no real equivalent to them in the NCR. Centurions are battle-born, elite officers who earned their rank with blood and sweat. 156
Neutral 50 They wear special outfits, too, pieced together from the armor of all their defeated enemies. Good commanders, tough opponents. 157
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic082 Who are the praetorians? Neutral 50 Caesar's elite guard. They travel with him wherever he goes. A bit of insurance in case any of his guests get funny ideas. 158
Neutral 50 They aren't the toughest legionaries, but they're the most devoted to Caesar. They believe in everything the Legion stands for. 159
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic083 Have any good stories to tell? Neutral 50 Suppose it depends on what you think is "good." Most folks want to hear about Hoover Dam and Boulder City, but it's a long story. 160
Sad 5 If you want some tall tales about hunting down slavers or busting up gangs, talk to one of the younger rangers. 161
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic084 How long have you been in the rangers? Neutral 50 Oh, well. I guess it must be coming up on... forty years or so. Back before {eh-leez} Elise was chief, anyway. It was a heck of a lot harder then. 162
Pained 5 Weren't as many of us to go around. But I think it was a lot easier to tell the good guys from the bad. 163
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic085 What do the rangers do? Anger 5 Well, there's what we're supposed to be doing and what we're actually doing. 164
Neutral 50 There's a big gap between those two things, about as wide as that lake out there. 165
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic086 Why are the rangers here? Neutral 50 There's a lot of answers to that question, but it started with the Ranger Unification Treaty. We weren't always the only show in town. 166
Pained 5 Nevada had its own posse, the Desert Rangers. They fought Caesar even farther east, out in Arizona. Didn't go well for them. 167
Neutral 50 Years back, we met with the Desert Rangers at Mojave Outpost and agreed to help them against Caesar if they would join the NCR. 168
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic087 Okay, what are you supposed to be doing? Sad 5 To protect against all forms of tyranny. As simple as that. Thirty, forty years ago, the wasteland was full of despots. 169
Neutral 50 Slavers. Raiders. Tough-talking hoodlums with gangs who liked to kick around towns. Back then the NCR military was still young. 170
Happy 5 Couldn't cover much ground. It took groups like ours to tip the balance back to the good guys. 171
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic088 What are you actually doing? Sad 5 Sitting on the shore of Lake Mead, looking east. Listening to a radio. Trying to not get too many people killed. 172
Sad 10 I'm too old to be slapping leather, but I had hoped for something else. More than this, anyway. 173
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic089 There must be something good the rangers have done that you're proud of. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] It's kind of a long one, but all right. About twenty, twenty-five years ago, a group of NCR settlers pushed way south into Baja. 174
Neutral 50 I guess it doesn't seem so far now if you look at a map, but back then, they were out a ways. 175
Neutral 50 They built this little shanty town around a well in the middle of nowhere. Called it {rat-ul-tayl} Rattletail. 176
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic090 Come on. You must have lots of stories. Sad 10 [FAILED] I do, but I'm tired of telling them. Time changes how you look at things. 177
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic091 So what happened at Hoover Dam and Boulder City? Neutral 50 In big battles, Caesar deploys his legionaries in waves. Recruits up front, prime soldiers behind the recruits, old guard bringing up the rear. 178
Pained 5 Opponents wear themselves out dealing with the first two waves, if they survive that long. When the veterans step up, there's not much fight left. 179
Neutral 50 Caesar can adapt, though, and when required, he can run any mix of legionaries as skirmishers and still retain order in the ranks. 180
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic092 [Continue] Neutral 50 Word got back to one of our stations that raiders had been attacking the place. I went out with six rangers. 181
Sad 10 We must have been on the trail for a week before we got to Rattletail. We lost one woman to Night Stalkers and another almost died of dehydration. 182
Sad 5 When we reach the place, it's six shacks set up around an old well. 183
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic093 [Continue] Neutral 50 There's over two dozen bodies lying in the dunes way outside of town and five men with {three-oh-eight} .308 rifles crouched behind sand bags. 184
Disgust 10 And these bodies, these people out in the sand, they aren't raiders. Aren't even heavily armed. 185
Disgust 5 They're just people who were trying to get to the only well in fifty miles. I didn't have to talk to the men to see that they did not care one bit. 186
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic094 [Continue] Neutral 50 They had planted an NCR flag over the well and they would not budge until every last one of them was laid out, dead and cold. 187
Happy 5 So I walked up and told them there was a group of raiders coming, one hundred strong. {laughing a bit} I made up some cockamamie name for them and everything. 188
Neutral 50 The men looked at each other, looked at us, and asked me what we were going to do about it. 189
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic095 [Continue] Neutral 50 I told him we would take them back into NCR territory because we had already lost ten rangers on the way out. Ten rangers, five men with .308 rifles. 190
Sad 5 Well, that was enough for them. They packed up what they could and we took them back north. Last I heard, they settled somewhere in {ahn-zah} Anza-{boh-reh-goh} Borrego. 191
Pained 5 Raised Bighorners. Had some tough times, but it worked out okay for them. So there you go. That's my one bit of good. 192
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic096 [Continue] Neutral 50 Joshua Graham, Caesar's old legate, he's wasn't so flexible. 193
Neutral 50 When the Legion attacked Hoover Dam, General Oliver ordered his troopers back to the middle ground just after first contact. 194
Neutral 50 Graham pushed all of the legionaries onto the dam, filling the east side with recruits up front and veterans in the back, by the book. 195
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic097 [Continue] Happy 5 But once they were in, they were stuck there. Oliver's troopers were entrenched and wouldn't give a foot. 196
Neutral 50 That's when we ordered the rangers and 1st recon sharpshooters to start picking off veteran legion officers from a high ridge west of the dam. 197
Neutral 50 That only lasted about a minute before Graham ordered the back ranks to push through to the front and rush the ridge. 198
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic098 [Continue] Neutral 50 Caused total chaos among the younger legionaries, and Oliver's troopers fell back to the side walkways and stayed out of the veterans' way. 199
Happy 5 By the time the veterans got to the ridge, we were already in Boulder City. 200
Neutral 50 They followed us down there, but we were out before they realized what was happening. 201
VCampGolfHanlon2CHanlonTopic099 [Continue] Neutral 50 We had packed the old city with C4 and dynamite. Crude, but it did the job. Those who didn't die in the blast were in no position to mount a defense. 202
Neutral 50 The ones left on the dam didn't know what to do. The troopers routed them. Graham pulled the remaining legionaries back, but the battle was over. 203
Fear 5 He went south, back to the Grand Canyon, back to Caesar. And that was the last we saw or heard from Joshua Graham. 204
VCampGolfHanlonRepBranch VCampGolfHanlonRepBranch Neutral 50 You must be the courier folks have been talking about. Word on the radio is that someone wronged you back in Goodsprings. 205
Happy 50 The Mojave has a way of burning decent people up, but it sounds like you've done right by the NCR. It's appreciated. Now what can I do for you? 206
VCampGolfHanlonRepBranch Anger 5 I know a bit about you, courier. Heard someone messed you up pretty bad over in Goodsprings. I heard a few other things too. Some good, but not all. 207
Anger 10 If you're going to be associating with rangers, you'd best stay on their friendly side. With that out of the way, what can I do for you? 208
VCampGolfHanlonRepBranch Anger 10 I'm surprised to see you here. Folks with your kind of reputation, I expect to see them cooking in the sand with some {forty four} .44 slugs to keep them company. 209
Neutral 50 If the rangers haven't caught up to you yet, they will. Myself excluded, of course. {joking} The only thing I catch up on now is chair time. 210
VCampGolfHanlonRepBranch Happy 5 I don't think we've had the pleasure of meeting before. What can I do for you? 211
VEndingRangers VEndingRangers Neutral 50 {narrating} After the death of Chief Hanlon, the power of NCR's Rangers was broken for years. 212
Neutral 50 {narrating} Their organization, so reliant on the wisdom and guidance of its elder members, became a shadow of what it once was to people across the wasteland. 213
VEndingRangers Neutral 50 {narrating} Defying Chief Hanlon's worst fears, NCR's rangers persevered and distinguished themselves during the second Battle of Hoover Dam. 214
Neutral 50 {narrating} The rangers, along with NCR's many troopers, shared the glory of victory. 215
Neutral 50 {narrating} Hanlon wisely stayed out of the spotlight, crediting General Oliver's leadership for NCR's success. 216
Neutral 50 {narrating} After a brief fanfare, Hanlon stepped down as chief and returned to the peace and quiet of his ranch outside of Redding. 217
VEndingRangers Neutral 50 {narrating} During the attack on Hoover Dam, Chief Hanlon and his rangers threw themselves into the path of the Legion assault, dying to the last man and woman. 218
Neutral 50 {narrating} In the aftermath that followed in the NCR, bitter citizens and opportunistic senators were quick to denounce President Kimball and General Oliver. 219
Neutral 50 {narrating} Hanlon and his fallen rangers were revered for their bravery and sacrifice. 220
VEndingRangers Neutral 50 {narrating} Despite distinguishing themselves during the second Battle of Hoover Dam, the rangers' victory was short-lived due to the Courier's interference. 221
Neutral 50 {narrating} Chief Hanlon personally directed the evacuation of the rangers to Mojave Outpost as they fell back into NCR territory. 222
Neutral 50 {narrating} Bitter over the waste of life in the Mojave, Hanlon stepped down from his post. 223
Neutral 50 {narrating} After a campaign in which he denounced Oliver's and Kimball's hawkish, imperialist ways, Hanlon was elected as the senator of Redding. 224
VEndingRangers Neutral 50 {narrating} Although they performed admirably during NCR's defense of Hoover Dam, the rangers fell into decline soon after. 225
Neutral 50 {narrated} With Hanlon's plot against the occupation exposed and Oliver hailed as NCR's new war hero, many rangers were greeted coldly on their return home. 226
Neutral 50 {narrating} Few openly blamed the rangers for Hanlon's treachery, but public and political support for the organization quickly dwindled. 227
VEndingRangers Neutral 50 {narrating} With Caesar's victory came a small measure of vindication for the rangers' late Chief Hanlon. 228
Neutral 50 {narrating} Upon the military's return, debate raged within NCR's senate about who was to blame for the loss of Hoover Dam. 229
Neutral 50 {narrating} Though some in NCR regarded Hanlon as a traitor, many believed he was the only military commander who saw the futility in defending New Vegas. 230
VEndingRangers Neutral 50 {narrating} Although they performed admirably during NCR's defense of Hoover Dam, the rangers fell into decline soon after. 231
Neutral 50 {narrating} With Hanlon's plot against the occupation exposed and Oliver denounced for losing Hoover Dam, many rangers were greeted coldly on their return home. 232
Neutral 50 {narrating} Few openly blamed the rangers for Hanlon's treachery, but public and political support for the military as a whole quickly dwindled. 233
VEndingRangers Neutral 50 {narrating} Due to the Courier's intervention, Chief Hanlon abandoned his plan to sabotage the defense of Hoover Dam. 234
Neutral 50 {narrating} The rangers assisted the troopers admirably during the Legion's ill-fated attack. 235
Neutral 50 {narrating} Though General Oliver and Chief Hanlon were both praised for their leadership, the chief quietly stepped out of the spotlight. 236
Neutral 50 {narrating} After a brief fanfare for a life full of accomplishments, Chief Hanlon retired and returned to the peace and quiet of his ranch in Redding. 237
VEndingRangers Neutral 50 {narrating} Due to the Courier's intervention, Chief Hanlon abandoned his plan to sabotage the defense of Hoover Dam. 238
Neutral 50 {narrating} The rangers heroically assisted NCR's troopers in their ill-fated defense against the overwhelming power of Caesar's Legion. 239
Neutral 50 {narrating} Though many NCR military officers fled the territory soon after the dam was lost, Chief Hanlon remained at Camp Golf to surrender to the Legion. 240
Neutral 50 {narrating} Out of respect for Hanlon's composure and worth as an adversary, Caesar had him beheaded. 241
VEndingRangers Neutral 50 {narrating} Due to the Courier's intervention, Chief Hanlon abandoned his plan to sabotage the defense of Hoover Dam. 242
Neutral 50 {narrating} The rangers heroically assisted NCR's troopers in their ill-fated defense against the overwhelming power of Caesar's Legion. 243
Neutral 50 {narrating} Though many NCR military officers fled the territory soon after the dam was lost, Chief Hanlon remained at Camp Golf to surrender to the Legion. 244
Neutral 50 {narrating} Despite the late Caesar's respect for Chief Hanlon as an adversary, Legate Lanius had Hanlon crucified along with all of the other rangers. 245
VEndingRangers Neutral 50 {narrating} Due to the Courier's intervention, Chief Hanlon abandoned his plan to sabotage the defense of Hoover Dam. 246
Neutral 50 {narrating} The rangers assisted the troopers admirably during the Legion's ill-fated attack. 247
Neutral 50 {narrating} Though the Courier snatched victory from NCR, only General Oliver was blamed for the loss of Hoover Dam. 248
Neutral 50 {narrating} Hanlon, exhausted after a lifetime of service to the NCR, stepped down from his position in the rangers and retired to his ranch in Redding. 249