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For an overview of grenade launcher models in all games, see grenade launcher.
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The 25mm grenade APW (anti-personnel weapon) is a rifle type weapon that fires grenades in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Gun Runners' Arsenal.


25mm grenade APW blown up

25mm grenade APW expanded

The 25mm grenade APW is a semi-automatic grenade launcher. Specifically, this weapon contains a stock magazine capacity of six grenades, a brisk rate of fire, decent accuracy and allows modifications.


The 25mm grenade APW can fire a total of about 745 standard rounds, the equivalent of 125 reloads, or 94 reloads when equipped with the expanded drum, from full condition before breaking.

Ammunition typeUnmodifiedW/ Exp. drum
Standard, high explosive, plasma, pulse & timed74512574594



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25mm grenade APW Gametitle-FNV GRA2
25mm grenade APW Icon plus Gametitle-FNV GRA2



  • Grunt does not affect this weapon. This is because Grunt is a perk introduced in Honest Hearts, and add-on content cannot interact with each other.[1]
  • When aiming down the sights, the grenade APW lacks a fixed blade sight (like that of the grenade launcher), which can make shooting while looking down the sights difficult.





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