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The last thing you never see.— 1st Recon's motto

1st Reconnaissance Battalion (commonly abbreviated as 1st Recon) is a sniper battalion[1] of the New California Republic Army.


The battalion is one of the finest combat units in the New California Republic Army, drawing its members from soldiers of exceptional marksmanship talents. Though transfer is voluntary, members of 1st Recon also earn better pay than regular troops as an extra incentive to join.[2] The battalion has a distinguished combat history, with their most notable deployment being the Mojave Campaign. During the First Battle of Hoover Dam in 2277, the battalion played a vital part, as its sharpshooters together with the NCR Rangers were instrumental in destroying the cohesion of Legion forces on the rim of the Dam, allowing them to be drawn into Boulder City and routed.[3]

However, their combat history has been blemished by the Bitter Springs Massacre a year later in 2278. 1st Recon sharpshooters were stationed on Coyote Tail ridge outside the Great Khan encampment at Bitter Springs. Ordered to cover a vital flank and kill anyone who enters their sights, 1st Recon inadvertently ended up gunning down unarmed civilians that attempted to flee the camp down the canyon passage they were ordered to watch. Though the event went unreported in the press and the military immediately attempted to repair the damage they caused, the event caused long lasting trauma among the members of the battalion and the Great Khans, in addition to souring the already strained relations between the Republic and the Khans.[Non-canon 1]

By and large, 1st Recon sharpshooters use .308 caliber hunting rifles to execute their orders. An exception is Corporal Sterling, a former NCR Ranger who uses a modified .357 caliber lever-action rifle. In addition, while most members wear standard issue NCR body armor, specialized armor exists within the unit, and almost all members are equipped with the unit's distinct red berets.


1st Recon teams operate in two-man pairs, a spotter and a shooter.[4] The battalion's troops can be distinguished from regular soldiers by their distinctive red berets and occasionally special uniforms for survival and assault missions.[5]

Beyond hunting down critical targets like Nephi, 1st Recon is also called in to mercy kill NCR personnel taken as prisoners of war, used by the enemy (especially Caesar's Legion in the Mojave) to demoralize NCR troops.[6] However, mercy killing is still seen as a last resort if getting the prisoners back would prove too costly.[7]

Alpha Team

As of 2281, Alpha Team of 1st Recon has been stationed at Camp McCarran for six months to help with the local Fiends harassing NCR's western flanks. Should their target, Driver Nephi, be eliminated, their standing orders are to transfer to Camp Forlorn Hope and reinforce its defense against the Legion. The current roster has 10 of Spades and Betsy as one pair and Sterling with Bitter-Root as second, with Gorobets leading the entire team. Two former members of 1st Recon, Craig Boone and Manny Vargas, live in Novac and used to work as a pair.[8]

Outside relations

As an extension of the New California Republic Army, 1st Recon holds contempt for the NCR's enemies, including, but not limited to, Caesar's Legion, the Great Khans and the Fiends. They also frequently buy sniper rifles from the Gun Runners.[9]

Interactions with the player character

  • Alpha Team of 1st Recon is part of the quest Three-Card Bounty and can provide the Courier assistance in hunting down Driver Nephi. The sharpshooters can die on the way if the player follows them. If enough time passes, they will simply appear at the target location without harm.
  • A 1st Recon veteran, Craig Boone, is a potential companion.


  • Upon completing the Driver Nephi portion of the Three-Card Bounty quest by claiming Nephi's bounty, the entire First Recon moves to Camp Forlorn Hope.
  • Possible companion Craig Boone had previously served with the First Recon, where he saw action at Bitter Springs. At least one possible ending to the game has him rejoining his old unit.
  • If the player escorts 1st Recon after completion of Three-Card Bounty, they will take an unorthodox route to get to Camp Forlorn Hope. They travel south of Camp McCarran, east through Allied Technologies offices, southeast just outside of Black Mountain, east through the El Dorado Dry Lake, southeast close to the cazador nest, and finally south to enter Camp Forlorn Hope from the northern entrance. Due to pathfinding issues, 1st Recon members may get stuck in the environment and will seek alternative routes. However, if the player fast-travels after the killing of Driver Nephi, they should arrive at their destination without incident.
  • Originally, after traveling to Forlorn Hope, all 5 members of 1st Recon would congregate in a clearing inside the camp. This was changed in a recent patch for map optimization purposes, and now the different members can be found inside different buildings in the camp: two inside the command tent, two inside the barracks, and one inside the mess hall.
  • Caesar's Legion are trying to get their howitzer operational during I Hear You Knocking specifically for the purpose of suppressing 1st Recon and Veteran Ranger snipers.
  • Members of 1st Recon share idle lines with generic NCR troopers, including "Wish I had a 1st Recon guy looking after me" if Boone is a companion.


1st Recon only appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes


Icon pc.png Icon ps3.png Icon xbox360.png After arriving at Camp Forlorn Hope, the members of the 1st Recon may not realize they have moved and still speak as if they were battling the Fiends in the ruins of the city. [verified]



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    Craig Boone: "First NCR Recon. It's a sniper battalion. Sees a lot of action. They moved us around a lot. I was stationed at Camp Golf for a while. Last I heard they were at Camp McCarran."
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  4. The Courier: "Why do you think you let Betsy down?"
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    (10 of Spades' dialogue)
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  7. Craig Boone: "Mercy killing is a last resort. Glad you recognized we had options."
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    (Sterling's dialogue)
  9. Alexander: "First Recon is a top-notch unit. They're always buying sniper rifles from us."
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