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This is a transcript for dialogue with Sergeant Bitter-Root.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 I'm Bitter-Root. First Recon. You got a reason to talk to me? {quietly suspicious, not confrontational} 1
GREETING Neutral 50 {Moving into position} Can't talk now. Got to keep my eyes sharp. {in the middle of a mission - doesn't want the player to bother him} 2
GREETING Neutral 50 {In position} {quietly warning, it's a combat situation} Eyes sharp, now. 3
GREETING Anger 5 {Nephi dead, Bitter-Root got a hit} Wish I'd gotten a bullet in that Fiend... 4
GREETING Neutral 50 {Nephi dead, Bitter-Root got a hit} That's one less drugged-out waster. Best part of this job - shooting folks who deserve it. {believes he means it} 5
GREETING Neutral 50 {Gorobets dead} I've never lost a {see-OH: commanding officer} CO before. It doesn't feel right. 6
GREETING Neutral 50 Didn't think you'd be back. What's this about? {quietly suspicious of player} 7
VFreeformMcCarran31ESergeantBitterRootTopic000 Not too friendly, are you? Neutral 50 Guess not. I don't mean nothing by it. 8
Not too friendly, are you? Neutral 50 You really want to talk to somebody, try 10 of Spades. He's always got plenty to say. 9
Neutral 50 Me, I'm here to do my job. For now, that job is shootin' Fiends. 10
Not too friendly, are you? Neutral 50 {10 of Spades dead} 10 of Spades always had plenty to say, before he got himself killed. Me, I'm just here to do my job. 11
VFreeformMcCarran31ESergeantBitterRootTopic001 Where can I find some work around here? Neutral 50 You a merc? Then I guess you'd want to talk to my, uh... father. Major Dhatri. He's our CO. {Dhatri isn't his real father} 12
VFreeformMcCarran31ESergeantBitterRootTopic002 Your father is your commanding officer? Is that allowed? Neutral 50 Yeah, look... he's not my real father. He just looked after me, for a while. 13
Neutral 50 It's a long story. And I'd get tired of talking before it was through. 14
Your father is your commanding officer? Is that allowed? Neutral 50 It's like I told you. Dhatri's not my real father. He just looked after me for a while. 15
VFreeformMcCarran31ESergeantBitterRootTopic003 How long have you been with the First Recon? Neutral 50 A while, I guess. I don't keep too careful track of time. 16
Neutral 50 I like to keep things simple. Just focus on now. That's why they made me a sniper. 17
Neutral 50 You let your mind wander back a ways, and you lose sight of what's in front of your eyes. Good way to miss a mark. 18
VFreeformMcCarran31ESergeantBitterRootTopic004 Bitter-Root. You have an unusual name. Neutral 50 You trying to start trouble? Or do you really not know where I got that name? {thinks the player is trying to find an excuse to harass him} 19
VFreeformMcCarran31ESergeantBitterRootTopic005 I didn't mean to offend. You don't have to tell me, if you'd rather not. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] It's a Khan name. You know... the "Great Khans." That's what my parents were. {A little reluctant to reveal this. Hates the Great Khans.} 20
Neutral 50 I figured I grew up around the bastards... they owed me a name, after all they put me through. {quietly bitter} 21
VFreeformMcCarran31ESergeantBitterRootTopic006 What happened to your parents? Neutral 50 They're dead. Got themselves killed at Bitter Springs. Served them right, if you ask me. {quietly bitter} 22
VFreeformMcCarran31ESergeantBitterRootTopic007 What do you know about the Great Khans? Neutral 50 They're scum. Lazy, trumped-up Raiders. Most of the time, they're drunk or high, and when they're not shooting chems, they're selling them. {bitter - thinks he means it} 23
Neutral 50 Used to have a settlement up at Bitter Springs, 'til they pissed off NCR and got slaughtered for their trouble. {bitter} 24
Neutral 50 Lot of us got killed at Bitter Springs. Lot of them, I mean. My parents died, too. {misspeaks - he accidentally includes himself with the Khans, who he despises. Also has convinced himself that he hates his parents.} 25
VFreeformMcCarran31ESergeantBitterRootTopic008 Tell me about happened to them at Bitter Springs. Neutral 50 It was massacre. That's what a lot of NCR folk will tell you. Most of them feel plenty bad about what happened. 26
Neutral 50 But I was there. Saw it myself. I don't care what anybody says. The Khans asked for Bitter Springs. They wouldn't leave the NCR be. {quietly bitter - he's talking about the people who raised him, but he's convinced himself he hates them} 27
Neutral 50 My damn parents, too. They were just as bad as the rest. 28
VFreeformMcCarran31ESergeantBitterRootTopic009 I've heard enough. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Yeah. That's probably best. 29
VFreeformMcCarran31ESergeantBitterRootTopic010 Losing your parents must have been hard for you. I'm sorry. Neutral 50 You're sorry? Well, that makes one of us. Bitter Springs was the best thing that ever happened to me. {thinks he means it} 30
Neutral 50 Best thing that ever happened to my parents, too. They were as bad as the rest. Worse, maybe. {thinks he means it} 31
VFreeformMcCarran31ESergeantBitterRootTopic011 You don't really mean that, do you? Neutral 50 Don't I? Mister, you never met my parents. 32
You don't really mean that, do you? Neutral 50 Don't I? Beg pardon, ma'am, but you never met my parents. 33
You don't really mean that, do you? Neutral 50 My dad, he got himself fucked up, every chance he got. Always started with folk for no reason. {bitter} 34
Neutral 50 Hell, he was the one who taught me to shoot. You know how? By taking potshots at NCR. And not just soldiers. Civilians, too. Even kids. {bitter} 35
Neutral 50 Then he'd get high with his buddies and swap tales about the folk they killed. Bunch of animals. {bitter} 36
Neutral 50 And my mom... couple times she tried to sell me to some waster, just to score some Jet. Even the other Khans said she was useless. {bitter} 37
Neutral 50 Only reason they kept her around was because she was a... how'd my dad say it... "a smokin' piece of ass." {bitter} 38
VFreeformMcCarran31ESergeantBitterRootTopic012 So your name... it comes from Bitter Springs. Neutral 50 In the Khans, you're not fully grown 'til you've taken a beat-down. Everybody gathers round and hits you until you're damn near dead. 39
Neutral 50 After that - if you haven't begged for mercy - you get to choose a new name. One you'll use for the rest of your life. 40
Neutral 50 When NCR slaughtered the Khans at Bitter Springs, I hadn't got my beat-down yet. I was still too young. 41
Neutral 50 Way I see it, Bitter Springs was my beat-down. So afterward... I gave myself a name. It's all I've got from the Khans, and it's all I ever want. 42
VFreeformMcCarran31ESergeantBitterRootTopic013 How did you survive the massacre? Neutral 50 Guess I could tell a pretty good story, if I had a mind. But the truth is, I don't know. Just got lucky. 43
Neutral 50 They brought me to Dhatri after the battle. He was just a Captain, back then. Guess he saw something in me... knew I didn't belong with the Khans. 44
Neutral 50 Maybe he felt bad, too. About how his men killed my folks. I told him he did me a service, but he didn't believe me. Still doesn't. 45
Neutral 50 He's a good man, Dhatri. Doesn't act like it sometimes, I know. But he didn't have to take me in. 46
VFreeformMcCarran31ESergeantBitterRootTopic014 You're not telling me something. You couldn't have forgotten the whole massacre. Neutral 50 It's like I tell Major Dhatri. Best not look under a rock, if you don't really want to know what's there. {player is getting into dangerous - and deeply hidden - territory} 47
Neutral 50 Could be that NCR found some blood on me, and none of it mine. Could be that a few of those Khans didn't die from NCR bullets. {player is getting into dangerous - and deeply hidden - territory} 48
Neutral 50 I had scores of my own to settle... deeper ones than NCR ever had. Don't bother asking who they were with. {player is getting into dangerous - and deeply hidden - territory. Might have been his own parents that he killed.} 49
VFreeformMcCarran31ESergeantBitterRootTopic015 I really don't know. Come on, Sergeant, you can tell me. Neutral 50 [FAILED] No. What's it matter to you? Why's everybody care so much about other people's business? 50
Neutral 50 Just leave it lie. And leave me be. 51
VFreeformMcCarran31ESergeantBitterRootTopic016 Never mind. Forget I mentioned it. Neutral 50 Okay. I will. Guess that's something I'd rather not talk about, that's all. 52
VFreeformMcCarran31ESergeantBitterRootTopic017 Goodbye. Neutral 50 All right. Goodbye. {quiet, disinterested} 53
VFreeformMcCarran31ESergeantBitterRootTopic020 I'm trying to get Corporal Betsy to go see a doctor. I heard you saw Usanagi yourself. Neutral 50 10 of Spades really ought to keep his mouth shut, but he's right. There were a lot of things in my past I just couldn't leave behind. 54
Neutral 50 It helped. {grudgingly} A little. Well, more than a little. Betsy ought to pay a visit to Usanagi since it can't hurt none. 55


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 All right. Goodbye. 56