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This is a transcript for dialogue with 10 of Spades.


VFreeformMcCarran31E10ofSpadesTopic005 How long have you been a sharpshooter? Neutral 50 Shit. Long as I can r-r-remember. Had a rifle in my hand since I was three, that's what my dad always says. 1
Neutral 50 Learned to shoot on our ranch. Way west of here. Same as the LT, he's a f-farm kid too. {LT = "ell-tee"} 2
VFreeformMcCarran31E10ofSpadesTopic015 Never mind. Neutral 50 Yeah. The {ELL-TEE} LT shouldn't have b-brought that shit up. Not with civvies, anyway. Ain't right. 3
Never mind. Neutral 50 Ain't right t-talking about this, anyway. 4
VFreeformMcCarran31E10ofSpadesTopic013 Tell me what happened. Sad 10 It was m-my fault. See... I was kn-knocked out when it happened. That b-big guy sneaked up on us. I let B-Betsy down. 5
VFreeformMcCarran31E10ofSpadesTopic011 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Yeah, I'll s-s-see you around. 6
VFreeformMcCarran31E10ofSpadesTopic009 Whatever. Goodbye. Neutral 50 Yeah. You just walk away. No fool can trump the T-t-ten of Spades! 7
VFreeformMcCarran31E10ofSpadesTopic006 When did you enlist in the military? Neutral 50 Oh. They recruited me... what, a year ago? Taught me to kick even more ass than before. These guys... they really know how to kick some ass. {Misunderstood the player's initial question - now he gets it} 8
VFreeformMcCarran31E10ofSpadesTopic025 Thanks for the tip. Neutral 50 N-no problem. 9
VFreeformMcCarran31E10ofSpadesTopic024 Why do you think you let Betsy down? Neutral 50 She's my g-g-goddamn partner. See, we work in pairs. We spot for each other. W-watch each other's backs. 10
Neutral 50 Nobody wanted to w-work with me. They said I was too green. But Betsy volunteered. Shit, you don't even know how big a d-d-deal that is. 11
Neutral 50 She trusts her life to the newbie, and I sit there and let her get raped by that... p-p-piece of shit. {disgusted with himself} 12
VFreeformMcCarran31E10ofSpadesTopic010 If you were unconscious, how could you have done anything? Neutral 50 Shit. You sound like the LT. I should've w-woken up. I shouldn't have gotten knocked out in the f-first place. {LT = "ell-tee", disgusted with himself} 13
Neutral 50 That shit was my fault. I don't want to talk about it anymore, all right? 14
VFreeformMcCarran31E10ofSpadesTopic007 What do you do around here? Neutral 50 Kickin' ass. Mostly kickin' ass. See, we're watching the perimeter right now. Looking for those F-f-fiends to come back. {trying to be cool - player just asked him what he does around here} 15
Neutral 50 When they show their faces, that's when we go to work. One shot, one k-k-kill. That's the First Recon way. 16
VFreeformMcCarran31E10ofSpadesTopic012 I heard about what happened to Corporal Betsy. Surprise 10 The {ELL-TEE} LT t-t-told you about that? Shit. Man, that's sh-sh-shit. {surprised, upset} 17
I heard about what happened to Corporal Betsy. Neutral 50 Th-this again? 18
VFreeformMcCarran31E10ofSpadesTopic003 You're right. I'm sorry. Neutral 50 Nah... it's no p-problem. Everybody likes to have a little fun with me. Just shows they l-l-like me. You don't rib somebody you don't like. 19
VFreeformMcCarran31E10ofSpadesTopic004 Ten of Spades. Where did you get that name? Neutral 50 The LT, Gorobets, gave it to me. See, I w-w-wanted to be Ace of Spades. But the LT says, sorry kid, you're t-t-too green. So he calls me Ten instead. {LT = "ell-tee"} 20
Neutral 50 It's okay, though. I get a few more k-k-kills under my belt, he'll move me up to Jack. Jack of Spades. Sounds better, right? 21
Neutral 50 I keep at it, eventually I'll make it to Ace. Think I'll skip Queen, though. 22
VFreeformMcCarran31E10ofSpadesTopic026 She... helped? You sure about that? Neutral 50 Oh, y-yeah. My s-stuttering was w-w-way worse before. 23
VFreeformMcCarran31E10ofSpadesTopic001 Are you s-s-sure? Neutral 50 Hey. No cause for th-that. {player is making fun of him} 24
VFreeformMcCarran31E10ofSpadesTopic000 Are you all right? Neutral 50 Oh, yeah. F-fine. Just a little st-st-stutter. Had it since I was a kid. Doesn't stop me from k-kickin' ass. {nonchalant - player just asked if he's okay} 25
VFreeformMcCarran31E10ofSpadesTopic002 No cause for w-w-w-what? Neutral 50 Yeah, r-right. That's Brahmin shit. Lucky for you we're on b-b-base, and I can't start trouble with civvies. How 'bout you get l-l-lost? 26
VFreeformMcCarran31E10ofSpadesTopic023 I'm trying to convince Corporal Betsy to go see a doctor. Any ideas? Neutral 50 Oh, b-b-because of what that fuck Cook-Cook did? W-well, it's n-not the same thing, but D-Doc {OOS-uh-NAH-gee} Usanagi helped me with my s-s-stuttering. 27
Neutral 50 The d-doc has a c-clinic north of here. Can't m-m-miss it. You should t-talk to Bitter-Root, too. He's b-been to see the doc, too. 28
VFreeformMcCarran31E10ofSpadesTopic022 I'm sure it doesn't. Neutral 50 D-d-damn right. 29
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Hey, my man! T-t-ten of spades. First Recon sharpshooter. At your s-s-service. {cocky - introducing himself} 30
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey there, miss! T-t-ten of spades. First Recon sharpshooter. At your s-s-service. {cocky - introducing himself} 31
GREETING Sad 50 {Betsy dead} Can't b-b-believe Betsy's gone. S-s-she was a bitch, b-but she was my p-p-partner, you know? 32
GREETING Neutral 50 {Gorobets dead} S-s-sucks about the {ell-TEE} LT. N-n-nobody can replace him. 33
GREETING Neutral 50 How 'bout you get out of my f-f-face? I'm First Recon. I don't need to t-take shit from civvies. 34
GREETING Neutral 50 {Moving into position} K-killing some Fiendsi? Shit, yeah! It's about t-t-time! 35
GREETING Neutral 50 {In position} One shot, one kill. That's how Ten of Spades p-p-plays the game. 36
GREETING Disgust 10 {Nephi dead, 10 of Spades didn't get a hit} {disappointed} Shit. I didn't even get a shot at that Nephi b-b-bastard before he went down. {LT - "ell-tee"} 37
GREETING Neutral 50 {Nephi dead, 10 of Spades got a hit} Right here, Fiends! This is what payback looks like! First Recon, hooah! {hooah = "hoo-ah" (Army battle cry)} 38
GREETING Anger 30 {Cook-Cook dead} 'B-b-bout time Cook-Cook g-g-g-got what was c-coming to him. 39
GREETING Neutral 50 You remember me, right? T-t-ten of Spades. First Recon. 40


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Yeah, I'll {stutter} s-s-see you around. 41