The 184th Infantry Regiment was a regiment in the US Army, deployed to Boston prior to the war.


The regiment was deployed to the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston some time prior to the Great War. During the Food riots that engulfed Boston, the 184th gained notoriety when soldiers of the regiment opened fire on civilians outside the Roxbury Food Bank either shortly before or between October 19 and October 23, 2077, killing at least four and wounding eight others. The incident was reported by the Boston Bugle. According to Jonathan Corman, spokesman for the Army, the soldiers of the 184th acted within their authority and issued several verbal warnings and only opening fire after protesters had smashed a window and stormed the food bank. An eyewitness told a different story of how the soldiers had laughed and joked about who they were going to shoot first before the windows where even smashed and the food bank stormed, giving the soldiers the excuse they wanted to open fire.[1]


The 184th Infantry Regiment is mentioned in a Boston Bugle article in Fallout 4.


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