The 121st Infantry Platoon (nicknamed Firebats) was a division of the United States Army, deployed to Monongah power plant on November 1, 2077, after the Great War to protect the power plant from invasion.[1]


The platoon was charged with protecting the Monongah power plant as a strategic target, despite the devastation of infrastructure in the region. On December 22, half of the platoon was called away by army command, and left the plant under the lead of Master Sergeant Lawson. This left the two remaining squads, consisting of twenty-four soldiers, to conduct patrols to alleviate boredom.[2]

The platoon faced losses in 2078, with the winter the previous year leading to the rise of the Raiders, who launched attacks on the platoon both at the power plant and in the surrounding area, killing fifteen of the twenty-four soldiers.[3][4][5] No orders to retreat were given to the remaining nine soldiers by Captain Elliot Maxwell up to his death. However, with Maxwell's death, the survivors under Master Sergeant Thomas Senecheck eventually abandoned the position on May 25 to link up with other military survivors.[6]

Known members

Behind the scenes

The name of the platoon could be a reference to the firebat, a type of close-combat flamethrower infantry unit in the StarCraft series.


The 121st Infantry Platoon is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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