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12.7mm rounds are a rare type of ammunition manufactured by Hauer Premium in Fallout: New Vegas.


The Hauer Premium Show Stopper 12.7mm civic defense round is a large pistol round. In essence, these rounds consist of a big flat bullet in a straight case, with a rebated rim.[Non-game 1][Non-game 2]

While they have an identical bullet diameter to the .50 caliber rifle round, the much smaller case means it holds less powder and can be safely used in man-portable auto-loading weapons.


Standard and JHP 12.7mm rounds can be crafted at a reloading bench. A single cartridge requires the following ingredients:

Lead (31)
Repair: 60
12.7mm round (1)
Lead (34)
Repair: 75
12.7mm, JHP (hand load) (1)


Breaking down a standard 12.7mm round yields:

12.7mm (1)
Repair: 60
Lead (28)

Weapons using this ammunition[]


12.7mm round, hollow point[]

Hollow point bullets mushroom and break up on impact, causing massive trauma on fleshy, unarmored targets. However, this also means they break up when they hit things like armor plate, drastically reducing the weapon's penetrating power.

12.7mm round (junk)[]

The Junk Rounds perk from the Dead Money add-on was at one point intended to create ammunition of a special subtype. Called "Junk" or "JNK", these rounds all provided the same modifiers regardless of caliber: 0.75x to Damage and 1.5x to Gun Condition. The rounds remain present in game code but are not placed in any locations, and if somehow obtained cannot be used in any weapons, even those chambered for the correct caliber.

The presence of 12.7mm JNK rounds indicates that the perk was to provide a recipe for crafting 12.7mm rounds, though the final version of the perk does not include one. This may be similar to 12.7mm ammunition's initial absence from most merchant inventories and the lack of a crafting recipe for the ammunition.

12.7mm round, JHP hand load[]

A new type of ammunition added with the add-on Gun Runners' Arsenal, JHP, or jacketed hollow point, use a metal-clad bullet that retains most of the damage bonus of ordinary hollow point rounds, but with a less severe armor penalty.


Ammunition type- Ammunition TypeWeapons spreadWeapons spread modifier
Damage Modifier- Weapon Damage modifierBonus effectAmmo bonus effect
Damage Threshold modifier- Target Damage Threshold modifierCraftable- Ammo is craftable
Condition penalty- Weapon condition modifierPercentage chance of empty casing- Percentage change of empty casing, hull or drained cell/pack/tank
Ammunition typeDamage modifierDamage Threshold modifierCondition penaltySpread modifierCraftablePercentage chance of empty casing
12.7mm round, standardx 1x 1x 1x 1Yes20% chance
12.7mm round, junkx 0.75x 1x 1.5x 1No20% chance
12.7mm round, JHP (hand load)x 1.65x 2x 1x 1Yes20% chance
12.7mm round, hollow pointx 1.75x 3x 1x 1No20% chance



  • 12.7mm rounds could not be made at the reloading bench prior to patch, and could not be broken down prior to patch
  • 12.7mm rounds weighed 0.0064 units - one-tenth their current weight - prior to patch
  • 12.7mm hollow point rounds have the same Pip-Boy image as .45-70 Gov't rounds, not the usual from the regular 12.7mm round.
  • The Pip-Boy icon for 12.7mm rounds depict pointed bottleneck rifle cartridges even though it is a pistol cartridge[1].



  1. 12.7mm is used in pistols and submachine guns and its bullet model is stubbed, proving it's not a large rifle round.


  1. Why did you use .45-70 Govt and 12.7mm as top tier cowboy/pistol ammo and not .50 AE (direct progression from magnums) and 14mm (existing Fallout ammo) respectively? Was it to avoid confusion between AE and BMG?
    Joshua Sawyer: Yes, I didn't want people to be confused by having .50 AE (or whatever) and .50 MG. 12.7mm is effectively somewhere around .50AE/.50 Beowulf in terms of ballistics. .50AE has a rebated rim and would be inappropriate for use in a revolver (without moon clips) or lever-action rifle. .45-70 Gov't is a traditional lever-action round. When it debuted, it was a black powder cartridge, but in modern loadings, it's extremely powerful. There are a few rare revolvers that use it (BFR, Bison Bull). Coincidentally, one of them (the Bison Bull) was built in my home town, Fort Atkinson, WI.
    (Josh Sawyer Formspring answers)
  2. "If 12.7mm is suppose to be like .50 A/E, than why not name it as such? Also, was the BHP chosen for the 9mm pistol out of personal preference or another reason? I gotta say it's nice seeing a dev. who's very knowledgeable about firearms and ammunition.'
    Joshua Sawyer: .50 AE is already a pretty niche cartridge and I didn't want non-gun people to be confused by .50 MG (essentially BMG) and another .50 round. It also keeps the "serious" handgun/SMG ammo in millimeters and the revolver/lever-action ammo in inches, which is nice for consistency. In my opinion, the BHP is a timeless design and its form is quite distinctive when compared to Fallout's 10mm pistols. Also, since I knew we weren't going to implement an M1911-style .45, the BHP-based 9mm design gives an extremely similar aesthetic (so similar that a lot of people assume it IS an M1911) while fitting into the 9mm/10mm/12.7mm semi-auto handgun progression in F:NV. RE: wildcat cartridges: I think F:NV already introduced enough niche/weird ammunition subtypes to keep the heads of non-gun people spinning for a full 100 hours of gameplay. I think wildcats go a big step beyond that. That said, Justin, Frank and I did engineer the ammo system to support a very large amount of specialty ammo types. I've seen people make 40mm buckshot and .50 MG Raufoss, so on the PC, it's very easy for modders to go nuts with .22 Cheetah or whatever other super niche stuff they want to do."
    (Josh Sawyer Formspring answers)