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For an overview page for pistols of this caliber, see SIG-Sauer pistol.

The 12.7mm pistol is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.


A Swiss SIG-Sauer 14mm handgun rechambered for 12.7mm ammunition, likely designed for long-range pistol hunting or target shooting. It was imported to the United States from the European Commonwealth before the war.[1] They were decently common early on in the survivor era, but the number of working units has swiftly declined.


The 12.7mm fires and reloads like a 9mm, but packs a more serious punch. This pistol has the third highest base damage-per-second of any non-energy pistol in Fallout: New Vegas, bested only by A Light Shining in Darkness (144.4) and Li'l Devil (GRA) (146.3). It takes a Guns skill of 75 and a Strength of 7 in order to take full advantage of the weapon. Its only drawbacks are its rather poor accuracy (it has the highest weapon spread of any pistol in the game, comparable to even some automatic weapons) and its lack of being a holdout weapon.


The 12.7mm pistol has the same durability as the less powerful 10mm pistol; it can fire a total of about 395 standard rounds, the equivalent of 57 reloads, from full condition before breaking.

Ammunition typeDurability
Standard, HP & JHP39557




Icon gunIcon damageIcon dpsIcon attackIcon chanceIcon critical damageIcon actionIcon dapIcon spreadAssault carbine extended magazinesIcon repairIcon weightIcon merchantIcon ratioIcon abilityIcon fist
12.7mm pistol 40
Li'l Devil Gametitle-FNV GRA45



  • The silencer modification possibly makes the most noise of any silenced weapon. Realistically, the target(s) would still hear the shot, but in game it is recognized as a fully silenced weapon; therefore, the player can fire and still remain undetected.
  • The unique variant Li'l Devil is a more powerful holdout weapon and can be sneaked into casinos but cannot be modified and thus cannot be silenced, making the 12.7mm pistol potentially more viable with a silencer mod.

Behind the scenesEdit

It is modeled after the 14mm pistol from both Fallout and Fallout 2, the only difference being the magazine does not protrude from in front of the grip. Instead, the magazine is reloaded just like most conventional handguns, such as the 9mm pistol.