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The most common handgun found in the Wasteland.— In-game description

The 10mm pistol is a weapon that appears in Fallout Shelter.


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10mm pistols are sidearms using the 10mm ammunition that was common before the Great War. They were used extensively by the Bureau of Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, Firearms and Lasers, while in the military such pistols were being phased out in favor of energy weapons.[Non-game 1] Their ruggedness, reliability and firepower made them a popular choice among wastelanders and thus a staple of wasteland firefights.[1]


The 10mm pistol is a semi-automatic magazine loading handgun featured in Fallout Shelter. Dealing a minimum of 2 damage per attack, it has the second lowest minimum damage output for handguns in the game, just above the .32 pistol and its variants.

In Fallout Shelter: The Board Game it increases your rolls when fighting by one, but unlike most similar item cards does not require you to exhaust (tap) the card, allowing its use multiple times.



Weapon name Weapon damage Weapon value Rarity
Rusty 10mm pistol 2 10 Common
10mm pistol 2-3 10 Common
Enhanced 10mm pistol 2-4 10 Common
Hardened 10mm pistol 2-5 100 Rare
Armor piercing 10mm pistol 2-6 100 Rare
Lone Wanderer 2-7 500 Legendary
Amata's pistol Cut content 2-5 5 Common



A high Agility stat is needed to effectively create the 10mm pistol.

Caps x5
10mm pistol (1)


According to the game description of the 10mm pistol, it is the most commonly used handgun in the wasteland.



  1. Fallout 4 loading screens: "Small, dependable, reasonably powerful and widely available, the 10mm Pistol has been a staple of Wasteland combat since the bombs first fell."