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For an overview of .45 ammunition types in various Fallout games, see .45 caliber.
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.45 caliber is a type of ammunition in Fallout Tactics.


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The .45 Auto is an effective pistol cartridge for use against soft, unarmored targets. It combines accuracy and good stopping power, with low visibility and moderate recoil. It has earned itself an almost legendary reputation as a man-stopper, ever since its first introduction in the early 20th century.

.45 rounds are a fairly rare type of ammunition that are used in some of the more powerful handguns in the early stages of the game.

Weapons using this ammunitionEdit


  • 0.45 caliber bullets are found on a small number of raiders, traders and Brotherhood of Steel soldiers.
  • 96 rounds on raiders in the Brahmin Wood mission.
  • 20 rounds in Freeport, in a chest in a tent near O'Reilly.
  • 100 rounds appear on sale at Quartermaster Octavius after completion of the Rock Falls mission, another 300 will be added after the Mardin mission.
  • Preoria, 20 rounds may be found in underground bunker.
  • Quincy, 250 rounds on Beastlords, another 32 rounds on friendly ghouls.
  • Mardin, a Beastlord has 232 rounds.
  • In Jefferson, 20 cartridges can be found.
  • Kansas City - 150 rounds can be found in a small house on the outskirts of the airport, and another 20 rounds on the corpse of a dead ghoul.
  • Osceolla - 200 rounds on Latham
  • Newton - 20 rounds in Tobias Peste's safe, which is in the Reaver's lab basement.
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