For an overview of .44 ammunition types in the Fallout series of games, see .44 Magnum.


The .44 round, Magnum is a type of ammunition in Fallout 3.


Very few enemies carry weapons that use this ammunition, and as such it is virtually never found on bodies and must be either purchased or looted from stockpiles, where it is still uncommon. Even with the Scrounger perk, .44 Magnum ammunition still remains less common than 10mm or .32 caliber ammunition. However, significant caches can be found, drastically improving the usefulness of those powerful weapons. Because it's not common in the Capital Wasteland and it has high stopping power, .44 Magnum round is more expensive than any pistol caliber ammunition.

Weapons using this ammunition



Several merchants will frequently have large quantities of .44 Magnum ammunition in stock (10, 15, even 20+):

Map locations

Closest map marker Amount Description
Bethesda ruins Roughly 20 .44 rounds In the west offices, up the left staircase and in the door to the right, there are some .44 rounds in the desk.
Cargo hold Mothership Zeta (add-on) 2 ammunition boxes Along the conveyor belt where there are loads of ammunition boxes, 2 of them have .44 rounds inside of them.
Chryslus Building Roughly 10 .44 rounds East side of the building upon entering, through door locked with an average terminal in an ammunition box beneath a table with a scoped Magnum and Guns and Bullets.
Chryslus Building Roughly 10 .44 rounds North from the last location in Chryslus Building (shown above) down the stairs into the building reception area on the shelves to the right immediately upon entering, in an ammunition box.
Engineering core Mothership Zeta (add-on) Two ammunition boxes In a blue/white truck
Hubris Comics Printing Two ammunition boxes Below the stairs, East in the local map
Mason Dixon Salvage Over 20 .44 rounds Next to decompression chamber, under a workbench.
Rivet City 2 ammunition boxes In the broken bow there are two ammunition boxes with .44 rounds in them.
Sunken sewer 2 ammunition boxes Two boxes
Tepid sewers Over 20 .44 rounds In the Metro tunnel where Rocksalt hangs out.
Tepid sewers 2 ammunition boxes In-between the tepid sewers and Farragut West Metro station


  • In the Citadel, ammunition is restored to the armory (within the lab, and conveniently next to a room with beds available for sleeping) every 3 days. Sleeping for (3) 24 hour periods will usually make .44 ammunition available to be bought in fairly large quantities from the armory. This also works with any of the other arms supply shops, scavengers, and merchants in the game.
  • In The Pitt, after the main quest (Free Labor) is complete, the ammo press can make .44 Magnum ammunition using any type of conventional ammunition or scrap metal, making this ammunition much easier to get.
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