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For an overview of .44 ammunition types in the Fallout series of games, see .44 Magnum.
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.44 Magnum is a type of ammunition in Fallout Tactics.


The .44 Magnum round is a high powered Magnum pistol cartridge derived from the .44 special pistol round. The round was originally developed for revolvers, but with its high velocity and heavy bullet, manufacturers quickly developed lever-action rifles and carbines chambered in .44 Magnum. Ancient as it is, the .44 Magnum still delivers quite a punch and proves to be quite effective in the field.


There are three variants of .44 Magnum ammunition:

  • .44 Magnum AP (A brick of ammunition, .44 Magnum caliber, armor piercing.)
  • .44 Magnum ball (A brick of ammunition, .44 Magnum caliber, standard issue.)
  • .44 Magnum JHP (A brick of ammunition, .44 Magnum caliber, hollow-point.)

Weapons using this ammunitionEdit


.44 Magnum standard issueEdit

.44 Magnum armor piercingEdit

  • 100 rounds appear for sale at Quartermaster Caligari after completion of the Peoria mission;
  • 24 rounds in Coldwater. From one of the traders in the market 20 more, and you can steal or win from Luigi Vinchenzo.
  • A high level, with high Luck and Scout they can be found on raiders at random encounters.

.44 Magnum hollow pointEdit

  • 40 rounds can be found in Peoria;
  • In Quincy, 20 rounds on a Beastlord and 31 more on the corpse of a woman in the first house on the south side;
  • 60 cartridges appear for sale at Caligari after the Quincy mission;
  • 32 rounds on a Mardin beastlord;
  • Junction City - 20 rounds can be bought from merchant Juan;
  • Scott City - 17 rounds on a local resident's corpse in a locked room on the second floor of the building.
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