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The .357 Magnum revolver long barrel is a weapon mod for the .357 Magnum revolver sold in Fallout: New Vegas.


This modification will increase the damage dealt from the .357 Magnum revolver by 3, and will visually affect the weapon itself; as seen with the barrel appearing longer than its base model. The kinetic energy delivered by a slug is directly related to its velocity. A longer barrel allows the cartridge's burning powder to act longer on the bullet, thereby pushing it to greater speeds, creating greater energy and damage inflicted upon the target.

Mod Effects

Primary Characteristic Effect Increase Weapon Damage
Base Value 26
Effect Magnitude +3
Modified Value 29
Secondary Characteristic Effect DPS
Base Value 45.5
Modified Value 50.75
Tertiary Characteristic Effect DMG/AP
Base Value 1.00
Modified Value 1.12


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